The Comb's New Outlet @ Boat Quay

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 6/07/2018

I’m really excited to announce that the salon I’ve been frequenting for the past two years, has a spanking new outlet at Boat Quay! It’s located right in the heart of the Central Business District so those of you who are working in the CBD can drop by during lunch or after work for a quick fix or two!

I’m really honoured to be one of the first few to get my hair done in their new outlet and I have to admit that I like their new outlet better cause it’s much bigger and they completely aced the aesthetics of their interior too! If you know me, you’ll know i’m a sucker for good design!

Their new salon’s immaculate design had me feeling like I was getting my hair done in an upscale boutique salon in Manhattan City or something! I especially liked their new wash area, it’s way more spacious and the clean minimalist white interior had me going “wow!” (unfortunately, it slipped my mind to snap a shot of the wash area so I guess you gotta go down to get your hair done and see for yourself!).

Speaking of getting your hair done, I of course didn’t visit the shop without addressing my unkempt tresses! I love how I can fully trust my stylists with their advices and how they would do their best to spruce my locks the way I want it!

This visit, I really hated the blacks growing out at the top of my head so I requested to my stylist, Bella (who’s Korean btw!) to blend it in to the rest of my bleached hair WITHOUT bleaching my hair any further and this was the end result!!!

I absolutely love my “brand new” tresses and how she managed to ace the look I wanted to so flawlessly! I also did a little hair treatment so you can tell my hair’s much softer than before! And if there’s one thing I really like about The Comb is that no matter the stylist, they always ensure that I walk out with my hair styled to the best of their ability so that I step out looking my best. I swear my hair always looks the best when I walk out of the salon cause they’ll take the effort to tong it into voluminous curls for me!

Did I also mention, I actually had this massive headache that day due to the crazy heat and I was really looking forward to getting my hair washed because 1) I love getting my hair washed and 2) getting my hair washed at The Comb also means getting a really good head massage EVERY SINGLE TIME. I feel like I’ve to add that the chair at the wash basin was so comfortable I felt like I could fall asleep there and then! 

I’ve been getting my hair done at The Comb for 2 years now and they have never failed me all this while! From natural brown to crazy mermaid hair and now to taming my locks and slowly grading it back to a natural brown, they’ve always been there to care for my hair! I’ve NEVER walked out of The Comb thinking “I don’t like my hair” NEVER. Not even once. So if you’re looking for a good place that you can trust with your mane, I would recommend you giving The Comb a visit!! 

The Comb @ Boat Quay
13 Lorong Telok
Singapore 049026

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