#conversationswithkylie - Our hearts break for them

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 4/24/2018

While sending Kylie to school today, I decided to talk about the recent number of fatal traffic accidents in hopes that she’ll be more careful too when crossing the roads with my helper when I’m not around. Our conversation went a little like this:

*As we were out of the house I noticed she heeded my advice last night to not use her scooter to scoot to school* 

Me: “Oh! You listened! Thank you for not riding your scooter to school today. There’s been a lot of traffic accident recently you know...a lorry ploughed through three people while they were crossing the road.”

Kylie: “Then what happened?”

Me: “They all died. All 3 of them.” 

*midway through telling her about another accident*

Kylie; “Oh no, please don’t tell me about what happened to them. I will cry. I feel so sorry for the people. I will be very sad.”

Me: “Okay, but you must be extra careful okay?”

Her emotional sensitivity still astounds me even till today. Really thankful for such a sensible and big-hearted girl. Our hearts really go out to all the familes of the victims of the recent road accidents 💕

Stay safe & drive safe guys!

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