Conversations With Megan!

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 3/15/2018

Since Megan’s been talking a whole lot now, I’ve decided to pen down and remember my conversations with her just like I’ve been doing with Kylie!

Just a few minutes earlier as Shane was saying bye cause he was leaving for work (even though it’s 8pm and he’s on leave today *sulks*), I gave Megan a pouty face and pointed towards Shane, signalling to her that I was sad he was leaving, to which, she looked at Shane, pointed her finger and said,

Shane: “WHATTT?! Go work also wrong!”

Megan: *goes up to him, holds his hand and in the sweetest voice,* “ cannot go work...mommy sad” then looks at me and passes his hand to me.

I live for moments like this <3

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