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By Esther Rachel Lai. - 11/11/2017

Christmas is just round the corner and if you're fretting over what to get the young ones this Christmas, don't worry, I've got you covered with some brilliant toys which you might want to consider getting!

If you haven't heard of Janod, then you really must check the brand out! Janod specialises in wooden toys for over 40 years (in other words, high quality toys)! The thing I love about Janod's toys is that they make a lot of educational toys which are not just fun to play with but also really nice to look at (I'm a sucker for well-designed products)!

Here are some of my favourite picks from the Janod range of toys that I got from My Miracle Baby!

1. Magnetic World Puzzle English Version 

Their Magnetic World Puzzle is one great example of a well-designed toy! I really love this piece and can't wait to add it to the kids' new room once we move into our own place!

Kylie has always been an inquisitive child, always wanting to know more about the world, when I saw this world map puzzle, I knew she'd love it just as much as I did and true enough, she did!

I showed her where out sunny island, Singapore's located on the world map and where her daddy's currently at (Philippines) and she was really astounded to know that it's actually really close to where we were at! I for one am pretty bad when it comes to geography so this didn't world map puzzle wasn't just beneficial to her, but it was to me as well!

Even Megan wanted in on the Magnetic World Puzzle! Although she wasn't much interested in what countries there are, she was very intrigued by all the different animals unique to each country that was depicted on the map!

2. Body Magnet

This is another really interesting toy (and good-looking toy) and a great way to introduce them to the human anatomy Kylie even told me that this was her favourite out of the bulk that we got from My Miracle Baby and I can see why!
The toy consist of a magnetic board and magnetic pieces of part of the human body where kids can paste them onto the board and learn about the various parts and layers underneath our skin.

It also comes with cards that aid in helping the kids figure out what parts go where and what they're actually called. 

The most mind blowing thing of all is that the cards don't just come in English but they also come in 8 other different languages! How's that for learning!

3. My First Confetti Drum

They also have toys for the younger children, like this Confetti Drum that I picked just for Megan because I know just how much she loves music. Apart from the drum, they also have different wooden musical instruments including a beautiful Red Piano, Ukulele, Harmonica and more!

Megs was really so happy with her new drum that she couldn't stop proclaiming "MY DRUM!"

4. Hat Boxed 50pcs ABC Monster Giant 

I also got Megsie her very own puzzle set to learn her ABCs!

She needed quite a bit of help from Kylie thought cause it's pretty challenging for a 2-year old but they had fun nonetheless!

They weren't kidding when they said GIANT! The puzzle's even bigger than Megan herself!!

You can shop for all these toys online from My Miracle Baby - I sincerely urge you to check out their range of Janod toys! They have some really neat and pretty products including kitchen sets & doll houses for the princesses, and wooden work benches & rocking horse for the little men! They even carry toys for babies like a wooden walker, shape sorters and much more!

I genuinely think these toys make really great gifts for the young ones and because they're made out of wood, you know that they're really durable and can last through the years! Really wish I could've gotten more for the kids but I gotta see if our new house can fit all that we have first! I still have my eyes on quite a bunch of them! Go check them out, I promise you, you won't regret it!


This post is brought to you by My Miracle Baby

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