Blue-Grey Tresses

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 8/29/2017

Turned 25 and welcomed a new look!

Spent my birthday doing my hair at The Comb just last week (because adulting, and nobody has time to make plans on weekdays. meh.) so I decided to give myself a little pampering and get those tresses tamed!

Before my visit to the salon, my hair was reallyyyy long but my locks were bleached so many times it was visibly damaged and dry so the first thing I told my stylist, Michelle was...


To chop off those locks!

Had a few more inches snipped off after dying. I remember Michelle's assistant asking me if I felt "heart pain" or not for cutting away my long hair but honestly, I've been wanting to change up my look for so long I really didn't mind snipping it off at all. Plus, it was so damaged and hard to maintain, I felt that going short was the best solution!

When I told Michelle that I wanted to go ash-grey with tints of blue, she was initially quite skeptical about achieving the colour and was honest about it because she didn't want to bleach my hair more than once and damage it further. I really like how she gave me the advices I needed and not just go ahead and do whatever I wanted even though it'll be bad for my hair just because I asked for it. 

After some back and forth advices and discussion (almost went with rose gold so we didn't have to bleach that much), she said she'd apply the bleach first and see if it would be achievable so I sat in my chair for 3 whole hours to really let the bleach wash away the previous red pigments in my hair (remember my mermaid hair?).

Michelle also added hair treatment to the bleach in an attempt to reduce the damage caused by bleaching and thankfully, she was able to achieve the exact colour I wanted without bleaching twice!!

The whole process took 6 and a half hours (thanks to 3 hours of bleaching) but the entire time, Michelle and her assistant were really patient and accommodating to my needs. They made sure I was comfortable the whole time by asking if I was okay, if I needed water (had my glass refilled a good 4 times) and when I was getting my Olaplex hair treatment done, they told me to lie down and shift myself into a comfortable-enough position and kept checking to make sure I was indeed comfortable!

& because I had my roots bleached, Michelle applied this minty cream on my scalp during the hair treatment to cool my scalp and ease any irritation that I may have (not that I had any) but the cooling cream felt SO GOOD on my scalp! I was really happy and impressed that she took the initiative to make the long dying process as comfortable for me as possible!

I was also pampered with a relaxing hair wash + scalp massage that lasted what seemed like forever (I legit wish I could lie down and just get my hair washed & massaged forever).
The end result turned out better than I expected and Shane only has praises for my hair ever since! I really love every time I walk into The Comb, they will make sure that I walk out with my hair PERFECTLY tonged and styled EACH AND EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL! If only I could visit them every day, I'd have no bad hair days for sure!

Shoutouts to The Comb and my stylist Michelle for making yet another one of my #hairgoals dream come true and for the impeccable service rendered during the whole process!

Couldn't help but do a little shoot and channel my inner bad-bitch with this new hair!

Really satisfied with my current look! The only dilemma now that I face is the fuss of finding clothes to match my hair! But other than that, no regrets!

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