Tesco: Cooking With Love

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 7/01/2017

If you haven’t heard, Tesco, the leading British retailer in UK has finally landed in Singapore with the best of British favourites and quality international food products! Last weekend, I headed down to FairPrice Finest to check out their range of products offered and was impressed with the variety of products they had to offer!
Boasting good quality products that are big on taste yet affordably priced, I had a hard time resisting grabbing everything off the shelf! Love the packaging of all their products, it made me want to try EVERYTHING cause it all looked SO GOOD! 

So anyway, I decided to grab some of their products to whip up a quick and easy dinner for Shane and the kids the other day!
My little family absolutely loves pasta so I was delighted to know that they offered quick and easy solutions for my planned pasta family dinner! Grabbed a bag of Fusilli pasta (they also had the healthier, whole grain option of pasta) and a jar of Mushroom Pasta Sauce to whip up a quick meal under 30 minutes!

I also threw in other ingredients like onions, sausages, mushrooms and minced beef to add more flavour to my Bolognese pasta!
One of my favourite things to do is to cook for the kids and I love it even more when Kylie and Shane help me in the kitchen, allowing us to bond at the same time!

& voila! In just 30 minutes, our simple yet sumptuous dinner is ready!

Just check out their eager faces in this shot when I served them their dinner!

You can see for yourself that they absolutely loved it! Not a single drop was left! (Megan even did her happy food dance in agreement!) 

I’ll definitely be visiting the supermarket to purchase more of Tesco products. Kylie’s been bugging me to bake with her and we noticed that they even offered quick and easy cake mixes -all at really pocket-friendly prices! 

The biggest takeaway of all is that they also offer products that are way healthier, from their Organic and gluten-free rangeIsn’t it amazing that healthy food can actually taste so good?

Watch the video below to check out our Tesco shopping & cooking experience!!

To find out more about Tesco, check out their Facebook page or Instagram, @tesco.sg!

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