The Wedding: Midnight Sparkle #shaneandestherweds

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 4/28/2017

So this is the final series of photos from our wedding, #ShaneandEstherweds! The wedding I'd been waiting for for 6 whole years has been a dream come true. It was everything I ever wanted. Intimate yet fun! It was so nice to see that all our guests were dressed to the nines in suits and dresses even though it was a luncheon. I remember telling Shane "I hope our guests dress nicely to our wedding" because it just feels really good to know that people care enough to dress well to your big day?! So thank you everyone who made the effort to come all glam and suited up and for making our big day such a memorable one!

Shane and I did away with the table-to-table photography and let our photographers capture the real, candid moments instead. Looking through the album, it's such a warm sight to behold seeing how our guests enjoyed themselves! Also wanna give a shout out to The Hubba Bubbas band, Stephanie and Ryan whom we hired for our wedding entertainment for being such fantastic performers, enchanting us with your melodic voices, nailing our first dance song so perfectly and even engaging with the kids as well! 

& Thank you to Partyweqs, our sponsor for the snack table for the reception which you can see more of below! Set up was really pretty and I feel that even the photos don't do it justice! Thank you for adding that magical touch to our wedding!

Also, thank you to our other sponsors, Love And Bravery, K.Sisters for the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses respectively!

To everyone who gave us that extra helping hand for the whole planning and execution of the wedding, thank you so so much! Without all of you I would probably have turned into bridezilla which even I surprised myself cause everything was so well-planned that I didn't really have to fret! & even if I had unknowingly turned into a bridezilla (which I highly doubt I did), please forgive me but know that I am very very grateful for all of you guys and girls!

Lastly, to everyone who has supported Shane and I throughout the years of our marriage and relationship, thank you. We wouldn't be the people we are today if it weren't for each and every one of you and your presence to us that day, meant so so much. I'll be uploading the rest of the more intimate family photos on Facebook so if you're a friend/family, do bear with me! I promise I'll post them up soon! & for the rest, here's my favourite few shots from the afternoon itself!

Thank you Partyweqs for the dreamy set up!!! The fairy lights and all was what I'd imagined it to be! Thank you so so much!!

Also, shout outs to my home girl, Joell who painstakingly helped me with conceptualising the look and layout of my feature table, going to the extent of helping me to DIY the stands etc. for the album and also helping me with my church decor!!

Thank you Love And Bravery for the dresses of my three gorgeous bridesmaids which you can clearly see at the forefront of the photo above!

I'll be getting my hands on the wedding video and I'll be sharing it soon, along with reviews of the hotel we held the banquet at and I'm thinking maybe I'll show some of the designs I did for our wedding (invitation card etc.) in one blogpost as well so keep a look out!

Photography by: @Multifolds

Bridesmaids dress sponsored by @Loveandbravery
Flowergirl dress sponsored by @k.sisters
Wedding snack table by @partyweqz

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