Mermaid Dreams With The Comb

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 4/10/2017

Currently: Almost a mermaid, almost a unicorn! 
*sprinkles fairy dust*

I've always wanted to go crazy with colours when it comes to my hair (think, Mcfly's Five Colours In Her Hair) but I never could since my previous job restricted my appearance to the regular (boring) corporate, dark hair. But once I switched jobs, I've had a myriad of ideas on what I want to do with my hair! Blue, purple, blonde, titanium, just to name a few! Even Shane was telling me to go get my hair done in crazy colours so he was just as excited to see what magic the team at The Comb could do!
Since Chinese New Year, I decided that I wanted "unicorn" hair. & when people think "unicorn" the colours that come to mind are usually pastels and white/silver. I showed Shane some pictures of those blonde, pastel hair but he said not so I opted for a darker version of it instead! The result? Mermaid hair!!! 
Actually can be unicorn also lah, I told Kylie before my appointment that mama was gonna turn into Twilight Sparkle (from My Little Pony) and when she saw me after, she shrieked "MAMA!!!! YOUR HAIR!!! YOU'RE TWILIGHT SPARKLE!!!" hahaha, cheap thrills! Be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn. Or...a mermaid...or both!

This was my hair taken right before my appointment with The Comb just so you can see the before and after! Since I was experimenting with crazy colours for the first time, I was adamant on going to a reputable salon because it wasn't just your usual dye job. 
Throughout the whole dying process, I realised it's really an art and a skill! It takes quite a bit of thinking on what colour to go on first and how to blend it so you really have to go with a hair salon that you can trust when it comes to doing your hair in crazy colours!

My past experiences with The Comb has been really great! Since my first visit, they have always achieved the colours I wanted each and every time! Here's some of my previous hair done by The Comb!

My very first dye job with The Comb was an ashy grey-blonde colour which needless to say, I fell completely in love with?!

The second time I visited The Comb, I went full on Goldilocks and had also entrusted them with the styling for my pre-wedding photoshoot! Bohemian feels!

A few months later, I opted for a deep violet-red colour which again, they nailed it perfectly!

& finally from my last visit, I went with natural brown for the wedding!

Going back to The Comb to get my dream hair done was a no-brainer since I've always had such a good experience with them! (Okay lah, also because they're my hair sponsors but even if they weren't I would have still gone back to them because why would I want to risk going to some other salon I don't really know and then end up having crappy hair right?!)

I've had different stylists spruce up my locks for all my visits and this time round, it was Morgan and his assistant Jason!

If you're wondering, yes, I had to bleach my hair to achieve the colours you see. In fact, I had my hair bleached TWICE in one session!

Morgan first dyed my hair with hues of purple and pink and he really takes a lot of pride in his craft.

I was already pretty happy with the result after the first round of dying but Morgan had set higher expectations for what he wanted it to look like so we went through another round of dying my hair with more blues added! 

A good thing about the dyes used at The Comb is that they use good quality dyes that are less damaging to your tresses so you don't really have to worry about dying your hair over and over again.

After 7 whopping hours in the salon...
I walked out 1/4 mermaid! SO WORTH IT!

I still get so amazed by the colours in my hair whenever I look at myself in the mirror! It's really the prettiest hair everrrrr!!!!
Never felt so ecstatic walking out of a salon before!

Here's another shot of my hair in different lighting!

I've been receiving so many compliments about my hair since Sunday and I'm already looking forward to my next visit! A big big thank you to The Comb for always making my hair look so very very gorgeous!!!

If you're looking for a salon to get your dream hair done, look no further! The photos of my previous and current hair with The Comb should be sufficient evidence enough that they really have quality skills and real talents there to make your dream hair come true! Or you can check out their Instagram/website for more of their works! Details below!

The Comb

Address: 12 Gemmil Lane, Singapore 069252
Tel: +65 6438 3138
Instagram: @thecombsg

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