The Wedding: Before God, Our family and Friends - #shaneandestherweds

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 3/15/2017

On the 10th of Decemeber last year, Shane and I got to marry each other proper in church, before the eyes of God, our family and friends. To clear some confusion, Shane and I registered our marriage back when we were 19 due to my pregnancy but I never got to wear a gown then or have a proper ceremony in church. All we did was legalise our marriage in the registrar's office, in front of our parents and brothers and that was it.

Having a proper wedding ceremony and donning the wedding gown is every girl's dream and it's made even more significant to Shane and I both that even after all these years, knowing with a clear head what marriage entails and what forever really means, we're still choosing to commit ourselves to each other and to love each other unconditionally just as the Almighty loves us.

#shaneandestherweds was 5 years overdue but I'm glad we waited to do this. Better late than never! (: Everything about the day was perfect and it was all I could ever dream or ask for. Having the girls there made it all the more special, seeing the photos below, the light in Kylie's eyes as she witnessed her parent's love for each other just fills me with such gladness. I still can't believe that the day has came and passed just like that but my heart is full and our love, forever. Just like these photographs and memories I'll hold close to my heart until my very last breath.

Photography by: @Multifolds

Bridesmaids dress sponsored by @Loveandbravery
Flowergirl dress sponsored by @k.sisters
Wedding snack table by @partyweqz

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