The Wedding: Morning Preparations - #shaneandestherweds

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 2/26/2017

 Hi everyone! I'm back with the wedding photos! Actually, we already got our hands on the wedding shots a week before CNY but I haven't really had the time to sift through and pick out my favourites to show. Our photographer gave us over 1800 amazing photos and it was so tough to pick out only a few! So I've decided to break it down into three parts - The Morning Preparations, The Church Wedding & The Banquet Celebration.

Really glad that of all things we scrimped on, photography wasn't one of them. Caught myself smiling whenever I browsed through the wedding album, our wedding photographer really managed to catch all the intimate moments. & yes, for the umpteenth time, we paid for the photography and it's in no way sponsored. So here's a big thank you to our amazing photographer, Multifolds Photography for capturing all these beautiful moments for us!

Also, shout outs to our sponsors:
Love And Bravery for dressing all my bridesmaids,
Ksisters for dressing Kylie
Partyweqz for decking our cocktail reception with an immaculate snack table!

I'd also really like to thank everyone who took the time off and helped us with the planning and executing of our big day, from the bridal entourage, our two best buds - John & Pat, Aunty Susan, the guys that ran errands with us - Mel and Ravin, Joell who did so much for me with the decor and even my manicure, right down to all our friends and family who lent us a hand during the actual day itself! Thank you so much! Shane and I both really appreciate all of your help and presence! Most importantly, thank you to all our parents, friends, family and relatives who saw us through our difficult times the past 6 years. It really meant a lot to have you all finally witness our union proper! No amount of words can describe my gratitude and how blessed I really feel. Shane & I wouldn't be where we are today without each and every one of you, especially our parents.  So thank you everyone!!  

Without further ado, here are the photos!

The Wedding: Morning Preparations - #shaneandestherweds


Photography by: @Multifolds

Bridesmaids dress sponsored by @Loveandbravery
Flowergirl dress sponsored by @k.sisters
Wedding snack table by @partyweqz


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