D'resort & Wild Wild Wet Blog Review!

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 1/19/2017

Last weekend, we spent our Saturday at the newly renovated D'resort@Downtown East thanks to the kind folks at NTUC Club! We haven't been there since they closed for renovation a couple of years back so we were really stoked about bringing the kids there for a family stay! 

When we got there, we were blown away by the stunning change in the old Downtown East that we remember!

The Resort

The resort's lobby really lived up to it's name of being a holiday resort with it's very charming and elegant outlook! So much more appealing compared to it's previous shabby looking chalets!

Stepping into the resort's premises was like being on holiday overseas! The entire environment and feel of the resort immediately gave us the holiday vibes! It really didn't feel like we were in Singapore at all!

To get to our room, we required a keycard access for both the lifts and room which made it feel very exclusive and hotel-like. Not to mention, safe too! Considering that we had young kids with us, this security feature made us feel really assured during our stay.

As we were led to our room, I couldn't help gasping in awe "Wow! It's really like a hotel now!" It really is completely different now and both us and the kids fell in love with the place instantaneously!

But we were to be WOWed even further!

Rainforest Family Room

When the door swung open, we were greeted by an immaculately designed Rainforest Themed Family room!
The walls were tastefully filled with images of rainforest animals which got the kids "oooh-ing" * "ahh-ing" in awe!

Our room also came with a refreshing view of the lush greenery at Pasir Ris park which made us feel a lot closer to nature!

The Rainforest Family Room included a bunk bed that had Kylie crazily excited and exclaiming "A BUNK BED!!!!!" and a VERY COMFY queen-sized bed for us!

Kylie was so ecstatic about sleeping on a bunk bed that she almost didn't want to leave the room to go play at Wild Wild Wet (more on that below)!
& it wasn't just Kylie who was thrilled about the bunk bed!

Megan was happily lounging, kicking and squealing with joy when we carried her onto the bed as well!

The room's also fully equipped with a mini refrigerator, hot water flask, hanging space for your clothes and most of all, a NESCAFE Dolce Gusto machine for all you coffee-addicts like me!!!
Not to mention, they even have children's cutlery provided should you have the need for it! Talk about family room indeed!

The good folks at NTUC Club also welcomed the kids with two giant balloon octopuses which they readily became pals with!

That's not all! There was also a surprise box waiting to be unlocked!

All weu had to do was answer a few questions provided to decipher the number code to the lock by counting the various number of animals in the room! Kylie excitedly got to solving the code right away!

So fun! I'd really give it to D'resort for including this special treat for the young ones!

Of course, they didn't forget about us either! We had a complimentary basket of snacks too (which Kylie happily helped herself with)!
And don't get me started on the bathroom! It's so well-designed that I was silently taking mental notes on replicating the design for our own future home!

& I have to add, the room is SO family-oriented that the toilet even comes equipped with a child-seat! Two thumbs up to that! Is there anything that they didn't think of?! Love how they really had young children in mind when designing the room!

& just when we thought that was all...
Right next to our room was a play room for the kiddos!

The floor is fully padded with play mats and the area overlooks the water theme park! 
The resort's certainly a superb place for a family staycation!!!

Apart from the Rainforest Family room, the resort also has various kinds of rooms to suit everyone's needs! They range from casual rooms like the Park View or Mangrove walk for family gatherings or celebrations like your old school chalets, to executive rooms for a couple's staycation or even SUITES for extra special occasions! You can check them all out in their website below!

D'resort@Downtown East
1 Pasir Ris Close, S519599
Tel: 6582 3322 

 Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet has been around since I was a kid and the theme park's not as crowded as it used to be but did you know, Wild Wild Wet recently also underwent a revamp which saw an extension of the theme park?!?
Although some of the new rides were not open to the public yet, we still got to explore the new kids playground!

& If you're a guest at the resort, there's an exclusive entrance for D'resort's guests just right beside it!

The extended area of the water theme park! 
(Rides in the background are not opened to public yet.)
Really can't wait for the new rides to open though! They look sooo fun!!!

The new kids area boasts a whopping 4 new slides for the young ones! 

It's a really great addition for the kids because Kylie didn't meet the height requirements for most of the bigger rides but that didn't really dampen her spirits because she got to play on the 4 new kid slides!

And as for Megan, she conquered the Tropica Water Play area!

Apart from the new extension, the older parts of the park (Shiok River, Tsunami, Ular-lah etc.) still remains the same as when Wild Wild Wet first opened!
(P.S. The Shiok River and Tsunami's a really great place to take underwater shots btw!)

Being back there sure brought back a lot of fun and good memories from when we were young kids! 

 It felt even better to be with our kids this time round and bring them around where we used to play!

Oh! & they even have fancy floats & cabana rentals now too! I really liked the Cabana idea and would definitely rent one if we were intending to spend the whole day there with the kids! By the end of the day, the kids were happily exhausted and Shane & I got to enjoy the rest of the night in our peaceful resort room!

Wild Wild Wet
1 Pasir Ris Close, 519599
Tel: 6581 9128

We really enjoyed our stay and time at D'resort & Wild Wild Wet! Can't wait to go back for another staycation once the new rides open!!! & I'm not saying that just because this is a sponsored ad but really, Shane and I both agree that it was such a great family-fun weekend! I'm already looking forward to booking our next stay!

 Shout outs to NTUC Club, D'resort@Downtown East & Wild Wild Wet for having us!!! Thank you so very much for inviting us to stay at the resort and for the tickets to Wild Wild Wet! We had such an incredible weekend & we'll definitely be back for more fun!!! Thank you!!!

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