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By Esther Rachel Lai. - 12/29/2016

So as promised, since our big day is over, here's all the prewedding photos we took with Melvin from Multifolds earlier this year! Once again to clarify, this is NOT an ad, NOT a sponsored post. We paid for him to shoot us just like any other regular couple but I'm showing them and crediting him because 1) it's only right to credit him for the images and 2) I think he really deserves a mention for his talent. His work speaks for itself as you can see below!

 I mentioned before in my previous post of the sneak peek into our shoot that the reason we chose Multifolds as our wedding photographer for both prewedding and actual day is because of his ability to create very natural and genuine shots. The photo shoot itself was a day of love, fun and laughter and not "just another day posing in front of the camera".

Our first stop that evening was to Coney Island (yes! We shot all of these in Singapore, believe it or not!). With it's tall tall trees and the cloudy weather, the outcome of the shots reminded me of a scene right out from the Twilight movie. Somewhat ethereal and mysterious all at the same time!

Next up, we headed to a lalang field somewhere deep inside the ulu pandan area of Tuas where we were greeted with majestic golden skies (and very hungry mosquitoes! haha!).
In case you were wondering, those two red rag dolls are Humpty Dumpties - Shane's childhood comfort plushie (aka chou chou / bantal busuk) which is like the 8th version of it that we purposely had our mother-in-law resew it just for the shoot! You see, when Shane first started courting me, he had two of them and he gave one of it to me so it only made sense that we included humpty in our shoot too!

 I think many people had expected us to include the girls in our prewedding shoot but both Shane and I agreed against it because we wanted this to be about us and we really wanted to just be in our own "er ren shi jie" (world) and not have the kids steal our limelight (for once, aha!).


Our next set of photos were also taken in Tuas, just right opposite of the lalang field (which I heard no longer exists due to construction works). Prior to that, Melvin gave us tips on what to dress so it'll look as if we're "cold" (hahahha, but honestly, don't say you also don't know this was shot in the heat LOL) & he also suggested to bring a blanket that we can "cosy up" in. 


A whole load of gorgeous shots!

Prior to our meet to discuss the details of our shoot, I had chanced upon a photo of an indoor pillow fight shot on pinterest and thought, hey! We could have a pillow fight shoot for ours too! Pitched that idea too Shane & Melvin and before we know it, we were bashing each other with feathered pillows out in the open field, laughing our hearts out like little kids while Melvin clicked away on his camera!

It was honestly such a fun shot and the photos turned out to be really rad, every shot that came out of it was completely epic and you can see that our smiles and laughter are really genuine! Would totally do it again with the kids if we have a chance in future!

& finally as the sun began to set, we prepared the set up for our next shoot idea, a dreamy fairylights night shoot!

A lot of people asked how the word "Love" was included or if it was photoshopped in, well, Melvin had this really cool light stick which flashed strobe lights as he walked across us. Coupled with the right positioning, timing, experience and camera settings, voila!

With the light stick, he even managed to "set fire" around us! Cool or whhhhaaattt?!?!?!

& yes, so that's about it for our prewedding shoot! I really can't be happier to have engaged Melvin (Multifolds) for covering our wedding journey from top to toe & I'm really excited to see more of his works when we get our hands on the photos of our actual wedding day! 

P.S. I've been getting a lot of queries on how much we paid for our shoot or if it was sponsored or if they quote me got discount or not (LOL) & I'm sorry to say but since this isn't an ad or a sponsored post whatsoever, I do not have a discount code for you guys. & as for how much we paid, you guys can email Multifolds directly and he'll send you his up-to-date rates because we actually hired him two years ago (because we were supposed to have our wedding in January) and I'm pretty sure his rates have increased since then! So for easy reference, I've included his website and contact details below!

 Multifolds Photography
Instagram: @multifolds
email: smile@multifolds.com.sg

Also, special thanks to @Thecombsg for sponsoring the styling of my hairdo + colour for the shoot!!!

The Comb 
2 Gemmil Lane Singapore 069252 
Tel: 6438 3138
Instagram: @thecombsg

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  1. Elated to know about this pre-wedding shoot. I am in search of talented wedding photographer to take pictures of my niece’s wedding which is being arranged at one of amazing wedding venues. Hope to find the perfect venue in budget.

  2. Hi, do you happen to still remember where the photos taken in Tuas where your car was on the field were taken at? Thank you :)