#ConversationsWithKylie - The 5 year old teenager...NOT.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 12/24/2016

Kylie: "Daddy, do you still have any girlfriend or boyfriend?"

Shane: *puzzled, shakes head sceptically with a raised eyebrow & looks at me*
Kylie: "And you mommy?"
Me: " *replying cautiously, wondering what she's thinking again* No...why?"
Kylie: "Nothing."
Me: "Why Kylie? Can Mommy and daddy have boyfriend or girlfriend? Can ah?"
Kylie: " *in a very matter-of-fact tone* Up to you...it's YOUR life!"

LOLOLOL. WHUTTTT...we were wondering where this teenager came from then a few days later...

Shane: "Kylie, we know what to get you for Christmas this year.

Kylie: *looks from Shane to me inquisitively, half suspecting something*

Shane: "We're going to get you a new mommy and daddy."

Kylie: *gets all teary eyed*

Me: " Yeah. You said we can have boyfriend and girlfriend what. So means you get new mommy and daddy lah! It's our life right?!"

Kylie: *bursts out crying and wails* "I WANT MOMMY AND DADDY!!!!" *runs to hug me, still bawling her eyes out*

Me: "So can we have a boyfriend or girlfriend?"

Kylie: *shakes head pitifully*

HAHAHA. Thank god she's not quite the teenager she thinks she is....yet. Whoops!

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