Hong Kong: Day 3 (Disneyland)

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 11/17/2016

Our third day in Hong kong brought 5 of us to...Disneyland!!! 

I initially opted for Oceanpark over Disneyland but my friends aren't thrill seekers so we agreed on Disneyland instead. It was my virgin trip to Disneyland & I know they say HK's Disneyland is small and nothing compared to the rest around the world but since it was my first time ever stepping into Disneyland, I was sooooooo stoked and excited about it!

Before that, we had breakfast to fuel our tummies for a fun-filled day!

Stepped into a random cha chan teng for the typical Hong Kong breakfast!

Only in Hong Kong do you have instant noodles for breakfast haha. We wanted to share a bowl of noodles and have a sandwich set each cause we were gonna have lunch in Disneyland but ended up miscommunicating so each of us had to finish 1 bowl of noodles AND a sandwich set. Crayyy.

To get to Disneyland from where we were, we took the metro and had to change a couple of trains. It's quite far out from Mongkok but getting around in Hong Kong's pretty easy - much like Singapore.

& this was when we reached the station to change train to Disneyland! Not even Disneyland itself yet and it got me SO FRIGGIN' EXCITED because...A FRIGGIN' DISNEY THEMED TRAIN CAME TO BRING US TO OUR DESTINATION. OMG. (Sorry, first time to Disneyland so very sua ku)

Even the handles are in the iconic Mickey Mouse shaped!!

& the windows toooooo!!

Upon reaching Disneyland station, you can already "feel" the magic!

There was music playing and tinkling lights all over which amped up my excitement even more!

From the station, it's quite a long stretch to walk before you reach the main entrance.
But the whole time while you're walking towards the entrance, Disney hits are just playing non-stop and you can't help but sing and skip along to the songs!

Even before reaching the park itself, we're already obsessively snapping pictures everywhere!

Right behind me is where the entrance and ticketing counters are!

Our Disneyland passes! Mad adorbz!

As we entered the park's gates, we were greeted by the sight of the Disney express!

& a mandatory tourist jump shot with the Mickey Mouse topiary!

There's so much to see and everything just makes you fall in love with Disneyland and we hadn't even reached the rides yet!

Unfortunately for us, the sky decided to rain on our parade- quite literally so we decided to adjourn for lunch first and wait for the storm to pass.

Our lunch venue was pre-booked online beforehand while we were still in Singapore. They've limited slots for it so it's advisable to book a slot beforehand or you might not be able to dine there.
We had to walk all the way back out and take a shuttle from the themepark to Disneyland Hotel's Crystal Lotus Palace for some unique Dim Sum treat!

You can tell why it's named "Crystal Lotus"

Cause there's crystal lotuses everywhere in it's interiors, even the chandeliers!

So the unique thing about this exquisite restaurant is...

Their Disney themed dim sums!!! 

Here, you can get Mickey Mouse har gao

The Claw Alien vegetable buns & Three Little Pigs pork buns.

Duffy bear kaya buns

Baymax shrimp buns

Olaf red bean buns

Mickey & Minnie fried "pancake"
& many more!!

Had a lot of fun playing with the food actually. haha. As for how the food tastes, that I can't give a fair review because we spent so much time taking photos that by the time we massacred the adorable Dim Sum characters, they already turned cold & cold Dim Sum = not very delicious. So one thing to note if you're planning to make a visit there is, EAT IT WHILE IT'S HOT!!!

Crystal Lotus
Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Magic Road
Hong Kong

Took a walk to explore the hotel and omggggg, the interiors are GORGEOUS!!!

Love the old English interior! They even mimicked those vintage lifts with "gates" on the left!

& the ladies itself was a pretty picture as well!

& I got to meet my favourite Disney character there too! Alice! *squeals* Major boost in excitement!

By the time we were done with lunch, the gloomy clouds made way to some sunshine so we headed to the back of the hotel to take in more wonderous sights!

Picturesque landscape perfect for #ootds!

We headed back to Disneyland park where we were greeted by a boisterous and colourful parade!

Went to take a peek at the gift store after to see what I could get the kids and boy, was it a treat!

Finally headed in for the rides after so much time spent delaying and taking photos!

First up,
(*WARNING: the following contains trippy, flashing images, if you have a history of seizures, do not stare at rapid flashing pics!!!)

Next, we headed to Autopia for a drive!

The queue for the rides were all understandably long so mostly, we just took lots and lots of photos!

After much walking around, we found ourselves at the theatre where a Lion King performance was about to begin!

Love the whole atmosphere in the theatre!

Really enjoyed singing along to our childhood favourites! HAKUNA MATATAAAA~!!! Show was really spectacular to watch only bummer's that it was in half Cantonese half English but I can't complain cause it's Hong Kong we're in.

My favourite part of the park is probably the Grizzly Gulch because I love the whole countryside ranch feel and music!

Rode on the Sawmill which was the most thrilling out of all the ride we took! So we took it twice! Disneyland's rides are mostly not that thrilling, so if you're looking for thrill rides, rollercoasters etc. then Disneyland will disappoint you. Families with young kids would definitely enjoy it here though! & the whole time, I couldn't help but feel guilty that Kylie wasn't with me cause I know just how much she'd enjoy it! Promised myself to take her here one day!

Loved Toy Story Land too!! Felt like minitaures in world of giant toys!

3 of us went on the RC Racer which got me freaking out prior but hey, it wasn't that scary afterall!

There was another night parade as we were heading back and although I've been told to stay and watch the fireworks, we decided to leave the park before the parade ended so we wouldn't get caught in the crowd!

Disneyland Park Hong Kong
Lantau Island, Hong Kong

So...We took a train to Kwai Fong in hopes for some shopping!

We were left disappointed because all the shops were either closed or closing but Kwai Chung reminded me a lot of how Far East Plaza used to be!

Kwai Chung Plaza
7 - 11 Hing Fong Road,
Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong

Crossed over to Metroplaza where we walked into a random restaurant because Jasper felt like having steak!

Mr Steak Bar & Grill provided a free soup//dessert/seafood/sushi bar buffet!!!

& for mains, we all had steak!

I opted for steak & lobster which is honestly very very worth it because it only costs around SGD26!!! & it tastes damnnn good too!!!

& Angel had a serving of wagyu beef! All of our mains were priced around SGD20+ with the free buffet included! Definitely recommend it! Where to find such a good deal in Singapore?!

Mr Steak Bar & Grill
Shop 488-490, 4/F.,
Metroplaza, 223 Hing Fong Road,
Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

On our way back to the hotel, we figured we could use a reeeaaallly good massage so with the help of our translator (aka Liying), we asked the cabby to take us to a massage parlour & he's like (clean or dirty one?) HAHAHAHA. Dafuq.

So anyway, he brought us to one near our hotel, a CLEAN one.

While they all had either a foot + neck & shoulder massage & I did a fot reflexology + full body massage which was really good cause I've a really bad shoulder/upper back which can get quite unbearable and cause me to have a migraine sometimes but the lady boss and boss came in to help rid the pain and tension from my upper back like I legit had two person massaging me at once DAMN SHIOK. The boss also helped Angel with her sprained toe which she injured during the day at Disneyland and by the next morning, she was all better!

Foot Island
Todd Nathan Road, Mongkok Building
Mongkok, Hong Kong
 (Just opposite Lee Wai Building where a giant Watsons sign can be spotted)

& finally, we ended the last night in Hong Kong with a surprise for the birthday girl!!!

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