#ConversationsWithKylie - Well, that escalated quickly

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 11/02/2016


While having supper...

Kylie: Wow mommy, you really love me and megan and daddy!

Me: Haha, why do you say that suddenly?

Kylie: Cause you always give us food. Always surprise us with things we like..a lot of people love us. Always give us good things

My brother: So if people don't give you things does that mean they don't love you?

Kylie: Hey!!!

Me: But does that mean they don't love you?

Kylie: No...they still love us. And I still love them even if they never give us good things. But good things are good.

Me: God loves you right? What did He give you?

Kylie: Yup! He give us everything! He give us food, he made the land...

Me: and He gave you life! He made you and breathed life into you that's why you're here today! He put you in mommy's tummy!

Kylie: I thought daddy put me inside your stomach???

Me: errrr...well ya...technically...but...God gave daddy you he err...put you inside mommy's tummy...God gave you to mommy and daddy.

Kylie: But how did i get inside your tummy? Is it you eat me then I go inside your tummy?

Me: *trying to find an answer*

Kylie: or is it like you dig a hole and then put me inside your stomach?

Me: uhm, yeah. Well, kinda. Heh.

Phew! Good thing she bought that answer. I'm not quite ready to give her the "sex talk" just yet. Hahaha!

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