How To DIY Your Own Terrarium

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 8/03/2016

Over the weekend, our little family put our green fingers to the test as we embarked on a terrarium making project - something that Kylie had been eagerly waiting for the whole week since our parcel arrived! While Megan watched us as she sat in her walker, the three of us (Shane, Kylie and I) got busy with our first ever "gardening" experience as a family!

I've always had an adoration for terrariums and I'm even following some really neat shops on IG that sells beautifully crafted terrariums and have told Shane that when our house comes, I'd definitely want to get one to decorate our home! But you know what's even better than just buying a terrarium off the shelf? Being able to create one yourself!!!

& it's all thanks to the kind folks at Floral Garage Singapore that we got the opportunity to make our very own terrariums!

Floral Garage Singapore is a two-year old company that aims to provide customers with affordable products & they've recently launched a new category of products - yes you guessed it, TERRARIUMS!!! 

What is a terrarium?
Terrariums are plants that are grown in open or closed glass containers. 
Sealed terrariums (grown in an enclosed glass container) are self-sustainable ecosystems that require very low maintenance because of the water recycling process within the terrarium itself. The moisture in the terrarium condenses, returns to the soil and is then absorbed again by the roots!

Floral Garage Singapore provides 3 different types of terrariums namely, the Succulent/Cacti , Other Terrariums & DIY Terrarium kits
What we got was the Premium DIY Terrarium Kit but they also have another smaller DIY Terrarium Kit that is not as extensive. So without further ado, let us now show you how to make your very own customised terrarium!

How To Create Your Very Own Terrarium

What you'll need:

  • 1 x Floral Garage Singapore Premium DIY Terrarium Kit / DIY Terrarium Kit
  • 1 x pair of scissors
  • 1 x bucket of water
  • Nifty fingers
  • A whole lot of creativity!

Inside the enormous box of treats (i.e. Floral Garage Singapore's Premium DIY Terrarium Kit), you'll find:
  • 6 potted plants
  • Premium Terrarium Mix
  •  Gravel
  • Activated Charcoal
  • 4 Packs of Decorative Pebbles
  • Mini Gardening Tools
  • 2 Glass Tanks
  • 1 Spray Bottle
and of course,
  • Step-By-Step Instructions on How To DIY and care for your terrarium!

    Sidetracking, I really love the handwritten instructions and note! So well illustrated & such cute handwriting! You can tell, a lot of pride and effort went into the delivery of this product!


(P.S. I would recommend doing it outside of your home (i.e. the corridor or garden) cause it can get pretty messy! Alternatively, you can also lay out newspapers to clear the mess up easily!)

Step 1: Wash The Gravel

Step2: Fill glass tanks with washed gravel

Step 3: Spread a thin layer of activated charcoal on top of gravel

Step 4: Loosen soil to remove plants from pots and trim the roots to fit!

When you're done with that, you should be left with a beautiful mess of greens!

 Step 5: Place plants and backfill with the Premium Terrarium Mix!


Okay, I've to admit, this is tougher than it looks. The plants don't stay in position that easily (or maybe I wasn't doing it right) but with a little patience, anyone can do it. Even Kylie! She did one terrarium all on her own!

She was really cute when it came to placing the plants. She picked only her favourite few and stuck only 4(?) stalks of plants in so I encouraged her to add more plants and when she did, the perfectionist in me couldn't help noticing that it looked like a mess and told Shane to help her arrange it but Shane being the dear daddy he is, reminded me that it's okay & to let her do it the way she wants.

Felt guilty after though cause in the later parts, she kept saying "I'm not very good at this mama..." sometimes as parents, we don't realise the impact of our words on our kids. One seemingly harmless remark can make them feel inadequate. I took a step back to realise my mistake and told Kylie that she did a great job with her terrarium and I wasn't saying it for the sake of it. She's barely five, what was I expecting? For her to be able to follow the instructions and DIY an entire terrarium on her own is quite a feat already! I still have so much to learn from being a mom & I'm so glad that she's teaching me everyday to be a better person for her.

So ya, what I'm saying is, there's no right or wrong so let your creativity flow! If a five year old can do this, so can you!

 Step 6: Decorate with pebbles!

Love the varierty of decorative pebbles they provided! Kylie went a little crazy with them (as usual) and started sprinkling it all over until it buried her plants hahaha. She added more plants in the end though!

& as I was carefully decorating my terrarium, Shane said to me "why don't you just sprinkle everything all over???" and before I could answer Kylie replied him "No daddy, then it will cover all the plants." hahaha, couldn't help but stifle a giggle cause that's what happened to hers and she realised it on her own. You can tell why they're father and daughter, both have the same style of doing things hahaha.

Step 7: Mist your very own terrarium!

Oh Kylie sure had a lot of fun with this one. She started spraying inside and outside of the terrarium and cleaning the glass, even spraying herself and telling me how refreshing it is *faints* the ever too kind Kylie even spritz water on her little sister while saying "so hot right Megan? Come, jie jei spray water on you." *faints x2*

& tadaaahhh!!! Our very own terrariums that we can proudly tell people it's made by us!!!

Honestly think Kylie did an excellent job! Love how she placed the reds at the sides to accent it and there's even a cute little sprout sticking out! Didn't notice it before I looked at this picture!

Do remember to keep the aftercare note on how to maintain your terrarium!

Terrariums make a really great home deco for busy people like us cause it really needs very little maintenance yet it adds that refreshing pop of green to your otherwise dull home interior!

On top of that, I think Floral Garage Singapore's concept of a DIY terrarium makes a great housewarming/birthday gift too! Not to mention, a really fun and interesting family activity for both the kids and parents as well! 

If you're thinking of getting a kit yourself or wanna check out on more of what they have to offer they also have the Floral Box under Flower Basket and Gift Set, as well as party packageparty decorfloral decorballoonspinata and party ware! ) you can head over to their website or contact them in the details below!

Floral Garage Singapore

Tel: 6282 2813
What's App: 93878871

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