Pre-wedding shoot prep @ The Comb Singapore

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 6/28/2016

The day before our pre-wedding photoshoot, I had my horrible looking, damaged hair fixed at The Comb! Because like every bride-to-be, I wanted to look picture perfect from top to toe in my wedding photos!

Headed by a Korean Creative Director and situated in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD), The Comb is the perfect place for many working adults (like me) to get your hair done and look fabulous amidst the pressure and drone of the working/office life!

When I popped by The Comb, it so happened that the kids' school was closed for the day as well so I didn't have any other choice but to bring the two girls along with me. I was kinda worried and paiseh the whole time cause I didn't know how I was gonna manage but thankfully, the staff there were all very accomodating and understanding especially when Megan started fussing, they even helped me to distract and coax her! Fellow mommies would know how truly thankful I felt for them to go the extra mile and extend a helping hand while I got my hair done!!

I was pleasantly surprised that they even have a booklet listing all the services they provide!

& There's also a page where you can choose your beverage of choice, complimentary for all their customers!

A shot of my ugly, grown out hair before the team did their magic!

I walked in pretty confused about what I really wanted, I knew I wanted an ashy blonde colour but I didn't want it to be too blonde because I was afraid I couldn't pull it off (and because I knew my manager would flip hahaha) so I didn't know what shade exactly to go for and my previous judgements have proven disastrous so I decided this time that I should trust the stylist instead & I'm so thankful I did! Senior stylist, Eri (not in picture) advised me on the hair colour based on my wants & concerns before working on my locks together with Andy!

I had my hair bleached to achieve the colour I wanted and if you notice, the top most part isn't bleached because Eri mentioned that it would look more natural than compared to my whole head being blonde from root to ends. I was initially apprehensive and asked if it'll look like grown out roots but he assured me that it wouldn't so I trusted his advice!

#mamalife. At one point Megan was fussing so badly I had to place her in my lap while they did my hair! haha!

In the four hours I was there, a steady stream of customers were seen patronising the salon for a dye job or a quick lunch time haircut. Some of them snipped their hair short and I couldn't help but grow green with envy cause their new hairdo all looked so gorgeous! I don't want to sport a short hairdo during my wedding but what I saw I made me make a mental note to try short hair once the wedding's over!

The result of my hair pampering session at The Comb! Fell completely in love with my tresses the moment they were done. It was in the perfect shade of ash blonde with a lil' tint of green and as Eri had assured me, the top portion of my hair totally doesn't look like black roots at all & they look really natural! He even helped me to style my hair with a curling tong before I left the salon so I could head out to my dinner appointment looking on fleek!

I always wondered how other girls manage to have such luscious, beautiful hair but never imagined it was actually achievable on my hair as well! We did treatment for my hair after bleaching and I'm really quite surprised that it's not as damaged as I expected, in fact, it actually still looks pretty healthy!
Kylie on the other hand, had a horrible hairdo thanks to her daddy who decided to take a few inches off her fringe while I was away cause it was getting into her eyes. I'll give it to him for the effort though. hahaha.

The next day, right before our pre-wedding shoot, I made a trip down to The Comb once more to get my hair styled by the ever talented Eri!
I also learnt that he actually styled for Asia's Top Model Season 3! *jaw drops*

Since we were doing an outdoor shoot, I told Eri that I wanted a bohemian sort of look. Something not too fancy but enabled me to wear and remove a floral headgear with ease yet gave me the versatility of having a second look for the second part of the shoot!

I thought I sounded all over the place but Eri nailed it perfectly!
Couldn't help but exclaim in delight when he showed me what he did with my hair! 

A full volume of curls and braids just as I had envisioned! I'll be showing more photos of the look once the photos from our pre-wedding shoot's edited so you can see for yourself how amazing my hair looked that day! I walked out of the salon just beaming from ear to ear! 

I'm really SO SO glad that I entrusted the team at The Comb to do my hair for this extremely significant occassion in my life! Couldn't have asked for anything better and I'm so glad my fears of a bad hairdo for the shoot were unfounded!

If you're looking to glam up with The Comb, you can make an appointment or with them at:

Address: 12 Gemmil Lane, Singapore 069252

Or you check out their website and favebook page for more details and reviews!

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