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By Esther Rachel Lai. - 6/11/2016

After a two week hiatus. I'm back!!! I was away in Hong Kong the past week and was busy tying up some loose ends before my trip hence the sudden lack of updates on this blog but I promise I'll make up for it in the coming weeks! I've so much to blog about so hopefully I'll be able to find time to post consistently!

Anyway, last month, we were invited to Pororo Park Singapore for some serious fun along with many other mommies and tots! I saw so many familiar faces there that day but it was a pity I didn't get to catch up with some of the moms since we arrived at Pororo Park pretty late! The amount of fun Kylie had was not shortchanged though!

I was incredibly amazed by the amount of detail that went into the design of Pororo Park! The whole place was decorated with the Pororo characters and filled with "snow" dusted trees. I don't know if the place was actually super cold at one point or if it was the whole ambience getting to me but it was like a wintery white wonderland! 

They even have a really adorable snowcapped Pororo house that the kids could play in!

Kylie made herself feel right at home without an inch of hesitation!

 It's as if we shrunk and stepped right into a dollhouse. Kylie was so excited she was scuttling all over the place and didn't want to stop for a picture.

Asked her to stop for a while and sit inside this cute tub for a second but she swiftly refused before running out to explore some more. I'd have loved to see that big buffalo in it though hahaha!

Before I know it, Kylie was sprinting across the Pororo house and climbing into Poby's Play Gym where she conquered the obstacle-laden maze and zoomed down the slides! 

At one point she even tried to do an "egg roll" down the slide like Kungfu Panda (y'know, legs tucked in, hands wrapped around the knees and head on knees position) but ended up losing balance and tipping over instead which left us all in stitches! She's so silly sometimes, like hello? WHO THE HECK WOULD ATTEMPT TO EGG ROLL DOWN A SLIDE?!?!?! HAHAHAHA!

With much effort, I managed to bring Megan up the maze too (yes! adults can enter too! So hurray for the young at heart!)

& we even slid down the slide together! Megan's always so expressionless when it comes to things like that though. Meh.

To be honest, when we first saw the size of the place, Shane and my first thought was "huh...this is it?" but I guess Pororo Park's unique selling point is that they have a whole schedule of activities and classes lined up daily that you can sign up for so the kids are continuously entertained (if they aren't already extremely hyped up from the play gym and Pororo house) so it really makes up for the size of the park! You know what they say, don't judge a book by it's cover! You can check out June's daily schedule here: http://www.pororoparksg.com/attractions/show-schedule/! Some parents actually stayed there the entire day from morning till sunset so you can expect a whole lot of interesting activities to keep the tots when you're there!

One of the classes we attended together as a family was the baby yoga! They also have kids yoga but Kylie crashed the baby yoga class cause we missed the time slot for the kids yoga. The class was very interactive and helped us bond with our kids. While I followed the instructor and yoga-ed my way through with Megan, Shane did the same with Kylie and I couldn't help admiring what a great dad he is cause while most, if not all of the other dads were playing it cool and just watching by the sidelines, Shane didn't give two hoots and did the yoga class without feeling "paiseh" at all! He was legit getting involved and not holding back doing all the yoga moves along with the other mommies and kiddos!

The ever-so enthusiastic Kylie!

Megan on the other hand, got a wee bit frightened at the start cause all the kids and parents were really excited so the sudden commotion startled her a little.

But she soon started giggling once we moved on to the more drastic yoga exercises!

& then suddenly out of nowhere...

Pororo the penguin appeared!!!

The first thing Kylie did was to hurry over to her little sister and picked her up to meet Pororo! 
Such a selfless sweetheart she is. Most kids would just race towards Pororo without a thought but even in that moment she knew how to put her sister before herself. What a heartwarming sight it was for me as a mom. Megan's so blessed to have a sister like that! I can be sure that Kylie will take great care of her sister as they grow.

During our visit to Pororo Park, we happened to bump into #sunshinechickadee as well! We had met before at a previous event but they didn't get to interact much then but that day, the pair hit it off like sisters! For the rest of the day, the both of them stuck together like superglue!

Together, they rode on the Pororo Express countless times!

Us parents couldn't help but notice the uncanny resemblance the both of them had. Their names rhymed, they looked almost like sisters, they were the same age and most of all, they were so similar in character! Both very sampat and extremeeelyyyyy talkative!

We also got to befriend Kathariel (the little cutiepie beside #sunshinechickadee), & I don't know if it's the hair or what, but the three of them could easily pass off as sisters!

Off they go on the Pororo Express!

After the train ride, we headed back to TongTong's Little Theatre (the place where the yoga class was held) to catch the Mini Musical!

There, the kids were treated with a performance by Pororo himself along with his friends - Eddy the fox and Loopy beaver!

Kylie (the one right below Loopy, at the front, decked in pink) watched on intently the whole time! It was pretty entertaining for us adults to watch too! In fact, as I type this, the Pororo dance song is ringing in my head *does Pororo dance*.

Some of the kids even got to dance with the characters! Totally nailing it in crowd interaction. I'm quite surprised Kylie didn't run up to dance with them. But then again, she's pretty shy when it comes to being in the limelight. Just like her mommy. haha.

For parents with younger children, fret not! There are play areas for the little ones too!

For the toddlers, there's a corner where they can play pretend on the kitchen sets and work benches...
Try their hand at the mini grand piano...
Or go crazy climbing around and sliding away on the mini slide!

There's even a cute swing for them to play with! Here's a very displeased Kathariel who was shouting at Kylie to stop pushing the swing. Hahahaha! That's typical Kylie, always trying to help but end up going overboard sometimes.

Within the park itself, there's even a cafe where parents can sit down and chill while the kids run around to play! It's no wonder so many parents can stay the entire day and leave their kids to drain themselves out!

It looks like a huge mess here but this is supposed to be a little supermarket. The little girls had a ball of a time pretending to go grocery shopping!

& just when we thought that was all, the kids had a pizza making class!!!
The thing I love about the park is that it looks very open with all the floor to ceiling windows, allowing loads of natural light to fill the place!

A photo with her newfound friend while waiting to be briefed!
Told you they look alike don't they?!

It's so adorable cause they even had the kids dressed up in chef hats and an apron! All the parents were swooned and we were like "Awww!! Omg!! So cute! Take Picture!" 

Even Kylie approves of the outfit, giving us a thumbs up!

The three musketeers at work! Kylie was busy looking around the whole time at what others were doing but soon after, she decided to #YOLO and dumped all the ingredients on her pizza while Kathariel was meticulously arranging her ingredients and #sunshinechickadee cautiously took her time spreading the tomato sauce onto her pizza.

Kathariel was the first to have her pizza popped into the oven! & as you can see, Kylie completely emptied all the ingredients in the bowls. hahaha!

Group shot with the thorn among the roses, Justin after the class! While the girls were busy posing, he was looking at them like "Omg, why these girls so vain?!" HAHAHA!

& you might have seen their iconic blue and white Shark Ball Pool on Instagram before! It's a pretty huge ball pit and the good thing about Pororo Park is that it's not age restricted so Shane and I took the opportunity to jump right into the pit along with Megan!

Love this picture of her! Had to constantly stop Megan from trying to put the ball into her mouth though. This little one's at the age where she thinks everything is edible.

I think Pororo Park really aced at catering to kids of all ages because they also have this corner that's padded with soft mats for infants to roll around in and have little knick knacks like tummy time toys and a tunnel for them to play in.

Not forgetting, this little teepee which for some unknown reason, got Megan all excited. No idea why but when I brought her into the teepee, she started laughing like mad!

Ironically, even though this was right at the entrance, Kylie played at this corner the last, right before we headed home. She reaaallllyyy didn't want to leave so I gave her 15 minutes to spend playing in the last bit of Pororo Park before we called it a day.

This area's every boy's haven! There were building blocks and a race track that barricaded the area along with toy cars and tractors and what not!

Right in the middle there's even a mini helipad dock where the kids could imagine they were pilots zooming around!

So that's about it for our day at Pororo Park! I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of activities that was available for everyone! Even after spending 3 hours there, I still felt like it wasn't enough and wished we had been there earlier! We'll definitely visit the park again! Especially since Shane and I got to enjoy an early night after that because the girls were completely spent after just 3 hours in the park and knocked out while we were on the way home!

Mega huge thank you to Pororo Park Singapore for having us!!!

Pororo Park Singapore
#02-29, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, 039594

Sun - Thu: 10:30am to 8:00pm 
 Fri- Sat: 10:30am to 9:00pm 

Tel: +65 6250 9700 
Website: http://www.pororoparksg.com 

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  1. Love the post!!!! So detailed! <3 The girls really had mega fun!!! Lol

    1. Aww, thanks Ripple! Yeah, we should plan a playdate with the girls!