By Esther Rachel Lai. - 6/16/2016

Happy Friday everyone! So last night as I was sharig a snapchat doodle of Megan, I had this brilliant idea for a new segment on my blog called "Megadoodles!". Since Kylie has #ConversationsWithKylie, I've been thinking of making a similar "Megan corner" as well but it was only yesterday that alas! The idea struck me! So to kick off the first of many more "Megadoodles!" to come, here's a string of pictures of Megs that I'd been doodling on since her birth! 

Ya reckon' Colonel Sanders would be proud?

"Order in the court! Order in the court!" - Justice Megs

Did somebody dial for the 995?


This was inspired by Kungfu panda. Hahaha!

Bumble Bee Megan!

The not-so-happy easter bunny...

Tummy time fun!

Hope this made your morning! I'll add "Megadoodles!" to the categories tab soon! & hopefully, you guys will enjoy Meg's lil' segment on my blog! Thanks for reading!!

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