By Esther Rachel Lai. - 6/30/2016

After a really long wait for our BTO flat (3 years and counting), we're so close we can almost hear the jingle of keys of our new home calling us! I've been pinning interior design inspirations for the arrival of our new home next year and like most girls, I always go gaga over a walk-in wardrobe, especially a well-designed one!

Last year, I visited a friend's residence and fell head-over-heels with her walk-in wardrobe! & you know what's the biggest thing that really impressed me?
I mean, check out the photos below and you'll see for yourself what I mean by "impressive"!

Basically, what they did was hack down a wall, partition it with glass and turn the adjacent room into an entire wardrobe space! I later got to know that this was done by Retailers Market!

Retailers Market is as its name suggests, a shopping haven for retailers, aiding store owners in visual merchandising and shop fittings but more than that, they're now introducing their Shop for Shops MAXe Retail System into home residences like the one above!

The entire wardrobe's comprised of their MAXe system that's fully customisable to suit your needs! So you get to decide how you want it to look, what goes where etc.! 

The shelvings and racks can easily be dismantled simply by unhooking and rehooking back onto anywhere on the track you want! No tools required!!! So you can play around with your wardrobe and organise your clothes as your fashion loots build up along the way!

I think the only probable downside about having a walk-in wardrobe is that because it's so open for all to see, you've to really keep it looking neat and organised if not it'll be very unsightly. But if you manage to keep your wardrobe tidy, I'm pretty darn sure it'll be Pinterest worthy! I guess it's great in a sense cause it's some what of a motivation for you to rid the clutter!

Being a system designed for largely for fashion stores, the hanging accessories are aplenty and a wide range of configurations also allow the user to better plan their spaces!

To date, Retailers Market's MAXe system has been used to build closets, dry kitchens, hobby spaces, store rooms & even study rooms!

Speaking of study rooms, I love how they can even customise a workspace to cater to each individual! 
We got a chance to head down to their showroom to check out the MAXe system for ourselves and without a second thought, Kylie hopped onto the desk and started doodling away!
When I say it's fully customisable, I literally mean FULLY CUSTOMISABLE. You can design your wardrobe/workspace however you want from the colour of the shelves, to the KIND of shelves, you can even include glass shelves or a pegboard like the above if you wish!

They even have a slot board to organise your work tools as well!

The possibilities are limitless! & the biggest takeaway? You can always buy different components to adjust the MAXe system to suit your wants/needs! So unlike carpentry which is mostly fixed and say, 5 years down you don't like it, you can't do anything about it except tear it apart and redo it (which would cost A LOT), Retailers Market provides you with a solution to last and adapt with you through the years!

Retailers Market has worked with some huge brands before such as Raoul, Club21, Paragon Shopping Centre and VGY store so you can rest assure knowing that they will do a good job with your home as well!

Especially for parents with young kids like me, you'll know how fast children grow and that cute little desk you bought for your child two years ago might already have to be replaced by now. But with the MAXe system, the desk can GROW WITH YOUR CHILD! You can simply unhook the desk component and hook it onto a higher position on the track as they grow bigger!

As I mentioned, you can customise the colour of the system, including the back panel. With a back panel, the system doesn't have to be mounted on the wall and can stand alone on itself! They can even do it double sided! I've already got an idea to do a double sided study space for Megan and Kylie so they can each have their own study desk and yet save space at the same time (you know how small BTOs are these days). 

Really can't wait to get hold of our house keys so we can start planning on the interior design of our homes! I'll post more on starting a home in time to come but if you're soon to receive the keys to your new home or planning to renovate your home, you can beat me to it and let your creativity run free with Retailers Market's MAXe system! 

They say good things must share right? So I've even more good news to share with you too! Retailers Market is giving my lovely readers a 15% DISCOUNT off their MAXe systems from now till the end of the year! Simply quote "#estherhomegoals" to enjoy the discount on your purchase!

You can also simply walk-in for a free, non-obligatory consultation with them, just bring along you floor plan or room measurement to get started on your dream home!

20 Mactaggart Road #06-02
Khong Guan Industrial Building
Singapore 368079

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays 9am to 6pm
Saturdays 9am to 1pm

For more details, you can also visit their

or contact them via, 
Email: info@retailersmarket.com.sg

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