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By Esther Rachel Lai. - 5/07/2016

I put on make up rather frequently and on several occasions, Kylie has tried to imitate me and sneak a blusher on her cheek or some lipstick while I'm not looking (one time when she was about 3 years old, she even stuck her chubby fingers into my lipstick and ruined it!). Like most moms, I don't encourage my 4 year old to wear make up but there have been instances where it is inevitable (like during concerts, performances and photo shoots). I remember during one photo shoot for an ad, Kylie had to put on makeup  and I was really apprehensive and uncomfortable with it since I knew that the makeup used wasn't intended for children and even though the makeup artist reassured me, I still felt a little uneasy. Fortunately, Kylie didn't break out in a rash or anything.

C'est Moi (pronounced as "SAY-MWA", French for "It's me") however, provides performance makeup that's uniquely formulated for kids! Born out of a Mother’s love and concern for her kids, founder, Jessica Tang overcame all odds to provide safe and allergy-free makeup and professional skincare made of fresh fruit cells specially for kids age 4-12 years.
C’est Moi products do not cause breakouts after usage as it does not contain chemicals typically present in adult cosmetics and kids can even have their very own makeup bag to store their cosmetics and lug it on the go!

Their skincare range and makeup are not only suitable for children but for adults as well! Which means, mother and daughter can share the same products and get their skin pampered together! Their gentle Gel Mask (as shown above) is enriched with Aloe Vera Gel, Fresh Fruit Cells and chamomile Floral Water to purify and soothe tired skin.

We started out by trying the Gel Mask on Kylie and needless to say, she couldn't wait because she finally got the chance to try on a facial mask after years of watching me wear one.

The gel smelled really good but not too overpowering. Kylie said it smelled a little like sunblock!

Kid sized Facial Sheet! How adorable is that?!

Left it on for a good 15-20 minutes before we headed to the washroom to rinse it off!

& voila! She actually had a little zit on her right cheek that's been there for a few days but it disappeared the next day after using the mask! I'm not even kidding! I've yet to try it on myself but honestly, after seeing the results on her skin, I can't wait to use it either!

I don't know of any brands that carry such an extensive range of kids' skincare and cosmetics but they even have an All Purpose Hydrating Gel and a Skin Conditioning Cleansing Milk for before and after makeup!
C'est Moi's All Purpose Hydrating Gel is a moisturiser that's formulated with the floral water of Cornflower and Roman Chamomile and enriched with Soy Protein and Sodium Hyaluronate. It has an oil-free formula which provides long-term emollient benefits to the skin and over 97% of natural products are used.

Prepping and protecting her delicate baby smooth skin before putting on the actual makeup!

All soft & supple and ready for makeup!

& not forgetting, Sunscreen! A lot of people forget the importance of wearing sunscreen, especially in Singapore where the sun mercilessly damages our skin, causing premature ageing, pigmentation and in worse case scenario, even skin cancer.

Applying sunblock all over for maximum protection!

Even her neck isn't spared!

I think I was just as excited as Kylie when we opened the Freedom Palette! It comes fitted with 4 different colours of eyeshadow, 2 shades blusher, 1 compact powder and a crayon lipstick! 

Kids can pick and choose the different colours that they want, mix and match, and simply customise the palette to their heart's delight!

The compact powder's really light and it looks very natural compared to most makeup that we see on young performers. (Note: The sponge is not included in the palette).

Probably the only downside to the palette is that it didn't come with brushes so I had to use my fingers but you can purchase the Little Expert Brush Set separately!

Can you guess which Disney character I'm turning her into?

Kylie looking thrilled about her makeover!

Blue & white eyeshadow just like her favourite ice queen! (Guessed it yet?)

Girls being girls, she wanted to put on the lipstick all by herself!

Not too bad for a first timer! Although, I had to help tidy the sides a little!

What's a makeover if you aren't transformed from top to toe? 
C'est Moi also provides a selection of water-based, solvent-free Nail Varnish which are gentle on the nails and cuticle.

And...drumroll please!

Presenting, Queen Elsa!!!

We sure had a lot of fun with this makeover and I didn't feel a single bit guilty putting makeup on her at all knowing that it's safe and literally MEANT FOR KIDS!

Removing her makeup was a breeze too with the tear-free Skin Conditioning Cleansing Milk which easily wipes off all traces of make up!

In celebration of Mother's Day, C'est Moi is having a special promotion for the month of May!
Head over to their e-commerce site to purchase the All Purpose Hydrating Gel & Moisture Sunscreen Base SPF30+ Bundle Pack at only $49.90 ($UP: $94.80)!!!

Do keep a lookout on Instagram (@cestmoiforkids) for their Mother’s Day contest as well for a chance to win a a S$50 gift cheque! All other participants will receive $20 Wow!chers as well!

All you have to do is,
Tell Us Why You Love Your Mum!

Snap a BEST photo of you and your mum and follow these steps to participate and stand a chance to win:

  • Snap and post the photo on your Instagram account

  • Tell us why you love your mum and hashtag #cestmoicelebratesmothersday!

  • Tag @cestmoiforkids and follow @cestmoiforkids

Contest ends 31st may 2016

T&Cs apply.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cestmoiforkids/ (@cestmoiforkids)

You can also head to the following retail outlets listed below to check out their products in person!




Head over to their website & Facebook page for more information!
Website: www.cest-moi.com 

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