Uncle Ringo X iLight Marina Bay

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 4/11/2016

Since Megan's birth, we didn't have much time to bring Kylie out to enjoy a good weekend cause we were so busy trying to adapt to having two kids so the other day after exploring the Future World exhibition, we brought Kylie to the Uncle Ringo carnival at the iLight Marina Bay festival for some old school fun! 

The atmosphere was really energetic and it kept even us adults really excited! Stepping into the carnival space also brought back a sense of nostalgia since carnivals like this were aplenty during our childhood yet so rare to come across now.

Shane decided to try his hand at the first game booth we came across. All the game booths were lined with people waiting for their turns & even if we didn't play, it was pretty fun watching others attempt at winning a prize. At this booth, Shane had to knock down all the (very heavy) tin cans to win a prize but it's more difficult than it looks though! 

Next we tried this one where we had to toss the baseballs into the canister. I thought "hey, I used to be a netballer so this should be pretty easy!" I had a few near shots but none went in! (& to think we played this twice!) There were a lot of other game booths but we only tried a few because the rides and games were mad expensive! 5 bucks at least for a game!

After a while, we decided not to waste our money and let Kylie go on rides instead.

The classic teacup ride! Sure brings back good memories!

We wanted to let Kylie go on the carousel but because it was a public holiday, the queue was ridiculous. I think after queuing so long for the Future World exhibition, we decided that this wasn't worth the wait.

So we queued for bumper cars instead!!!

I love their happy faces here! It was also Shane's first bumper car experience so they both had a whole lot of fun while I waited at the side with Megan in my "pouch". I couldn't help but get all emotional seeing them so happy though. I vividly remember just a decade ago, I was that little girl beside my dad too. Somehow, I've come to associate the bumper cars game as my special, father-daughter game and to see Kylie's playing it together with Shane, it's like reliving that moment as a child with my dad.

Just look at Kylie's face beaming in delight! She was so cute on the ride, Shane told me that when he drove the car with one hand and used the other hand to shield Kylie from the impact, the anxious little miss Kylie would go "No daddy! Use two hands! Cannot! Cannot! Must hold the steering wheel with two hands Daddy!!!!!!" hahaha!

& there's Kylie hanging on to her daddy for dear life! haha!

More rides for Kylie! This one was kind of boring for us to watch but what matter most is that Kylie enjoyed it!

I really wanted to go on this pirate ride but because I had Megan in tow, I decided against it. Oh well, better luck next time.

Somebody won a pooh bear!
So we thought "hey! we could win one too!"
But we were so wrong. HAHAHA. You don't just have to knock the bottles down, you've to make sure that they fall off the plate as well! Really tough!!!

We came across another gaming booth but this one rewarded you with a prize even no matter what (& a lot of other booths too. Should've explored beforehand instead wasting our money on the previous games and going off empty-handed!) & Kylie wanted to have a go at it!
Getting ready...
Get set...
& score!!!
Okay, she didn't actually score, but she got a baby Olaf anyway. She was so proud of herself though!

Kylie played another game and got two mini dragons for her good attempt!

Happy girl with her prizes! I personally love the baby snowman!

Spent our last credit on a swing ride for Kylie! So fun! I secretly wanted it to go faster and make the kids scream LOL. 

This ride was the highlight of the carnival! Hopefully we'll get a chance to visit another such carnival again & this time, I wanna go on the rides!

Unfortunately, the Uncle Ringo carnival ended on the 27th March but we'll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for another fun night at the carnival!!!

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