Future World @ Artscience Museum

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 4/03/2016

After seeing so many pretty pictures of the Future World exhibition at the Artscience Museum all over Instagram and Facebook, I wanted to make a trip down to see it for myself so we decided to spend Good Friday checking out the exhibition (Bad idea going for the exhibition so last minute though and on a public holiday especially, because there was a snaking queue and the entire exhibition space was too crowded for us to properly enjoy at all).
We waited about half an hour just to purchase the tickets so to kill time, we took a couple of selfies.
I knew there had to be some activities to entertain the kids while we queued so I went searching and alas! There was a colouring corner to keep Kylie busy while Shane queued for us - cause that's what daddies do. Hahaha.

FINALLY, after waiting restlessly, it was our turn to enter the exhibition!

When we stepped into the first exhibition space, it took our breaths away! It was a room filled with bright neon colours with lights and patterns gliding all over the place - as if we had set foot into dreamscape.
& Megan...well, she was legitimately in dreamworld.

The second room we entered was one out of a japanese painting. There, people were lounging on the bean bags just enjoying the calamity of it all.
Kylie on the other hand, decided to "catch some waves".

The next space we ventured into was where all the fun began! We were greeted by a curious flight of stairs that led all the way up to...
a giant slide for the already-excited kids (and kids at heart)!

Walking through a little "mouse hole", we discovered yet another realm of wonderment!

This particular space had three huge tables with lights and cute illustrations dancing all over it. & it's not just a projection! It's an interactive table! 

Notice how the rain stops right where Kylie's hand is?!

& when she places a wooden plate on the table, she gets served a piece of cake! If she places the wooden pan, then an egg will appear! Technology is incredible isn't it?!

Tucked away in a corner was an enormous green table. I couldn't get proper pictures because the kids were just all over but this exhibit's pretty cool too! You place the blocks at various locations and train tracks form!

We then headed to two giant screens where everyone was seated and doodling in front of. I initially thought it was just some boring drawing corner but apparently not!
You select the template you want, colour it, scan it & then your artwork appears on the screen together with everyone else's!

Here's Kylie working on her 2D house that's about to turn 3D!
While the big sister was engrossed in getting creative, Megan couldn't stop staring at the projections on the screen!
"That's a rather peculiar house Kylie..."

Sending her house into the scanner and...
out comes a template which lets you fold it into a 3D paper structure!
Kylie trying to find her house in the digital city. Scrutinised the screen until I felt giddy but it still didn't appear. Our guess was that it was too "full" already.

But it was really cute to see all the artworks chugging around the roads & rocketing through the starry sky.

There was also a section with colourful illuminated cubes that people could use to "build" with.
It wasn't very much fun but it sure was a pretty sight!

An enchanting "light fall" in the middle of nowhere.
& me trying to look ethereal while Megan gives the two annoying kids who kept barging into our frame the death stare. HAHAHA.

I'm guessing Kylie's favourite part of it all would be running through these giant inflated balls and bouncing all over, creating a colourful disruption.

We were again, greeted by a huge screen but with an underwater theme instead so we decided to give it a second shot with the whole scanning thing. 
& this time, Kylie's turtle did appear!
She was so thrilled seeing her unique turtle up on display, she couldn't stop chasing it up and down the underwater wall.

The wall next to it was like a scene from a native, tribal mythology. The were these symbols that floated down and when you touched on them...
It unleashed an animal!
Neat huh! I think this was my favourite exhibit out of all. Especially when I unleashed a freaking UNICORN!

& right across that was an interactive floor where the kids could watch as the light changed beneath their feet and shapes disappear when they stepped on it.

& the most talked about exhibit which was also the last of it all - Crystal Universe.
Lastly, a kiss to seal our spellbinding experience!

Artscience Museum
6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974
Website: http://www.marinabaysands.com/museum/future-world.html

*note: post edited. Future World is a permanent exhibition and not one with an end date as mentioned previously.

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