#ConversationsWithKylie - You Win, Mom.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 4/13/2016

While keeping her toys...

Kylie: "It's hard being a kid!"

Me: *chuckles at her sudden randomness* "Why Ky? Why do you say so?"

Kylie: "I've to keep my toys...keep everything...follow the rules...It's so hard being a kid! I want to be a mother! Mother sets all the rules! Being a mother is so easy!"

Me: "Hahahaha! Where got easy?! I've to clean up after you, clean mei mei, pack your bags, look after you *rambles on about the duties of a mom* so technically, YOU guys set the rules for me!"

Kylie: "I don't set the rules for you!"

Me: "Well, you kind of do. If I don't do all these for you and mei mei then who's gonna do it?! Okay then. How about we exchange! I'll be the kid then you be the mom!"

Kylie: "You can't be a kid!"

Me: "I can, I'll just play and play and keep my toys after that while you do all the mommy duties like...*rambles on about all the things a mom does again"

Kylie: "*interrupts my rambles* OKAY, I get it...you set the rules. You set the rules!"

Mommy - 1, Kylie - 0. She talks like such an adult sometimes, I certainly foresee more of such comical conversations with her!

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