LEGO® Lunar New Year - Give the Gift of Play [[ Sponsored Post ]]

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 2/05/2016

Given my background in the arts and design, I have always believed strongly in encouraging children to let their creativity flow free and learn through play. Since an early age, I exposed Kylie to activities that encouraged her to use her imagination and not limit her thought process. Today, at the age of 5, it is apparent that she is very inclined towards her creative side -  judging by her love for hands-on crafts & her insatiable need to constantly draw or create something even when she's on-the-go.

We gave Kylie her very first set of LEGO on her third birthday & since then her love for creating things have only expanded! The things she can create with these simple blocks has never ceased to wow and amaze us time and time again. More importantly, LEGO has also allowed our family to bond and have fun together. Kylie would always ask us to play LEGO with her and unlike most "kids toys", us adults don't get bored playing LEGO & we often get hooked on it together once we start!

This Lunar New Year, while we embrace tradition & culture, let's also remember that this festive season is all about coming together as a family and what better way to bond across generations than through good family fun? The importance of family mean more to children than you may know. Just watch the video below & you'd be surprised!

In line with the year of the Monkey, LEGO has a set made specially for the Lunar New Year, for the young and old to bond while celebrating our Chinese roots!
I know Kylie would also choose LEGO over a red packet & I'm pretty sure she would be over the moon to receive both, as with most other kids! & the most precious part of it all? Seeing our families come together.

So while we stuff ourselves silly with CNY goodies in the coming Lunar New Year, let's give our children more than just red packets to remember. 
Let's give them the invaluable bond of a family - The Gift of Play.

*Disclaimer: This post has been presented by Lego, but all thoughts and opinions are my own

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