FOX Kids & Baby Spring/Summer Collection Preview

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 2/27/2016

Last weekend, we attended the FOX Kids & Baby Spring/Summer collection preview & as usual, while Megan chilled in her stroller like a boss...

Kylie hopped right onto the craft table with the very nice ladies of Abrakadoodle & got down to painting her monkey figurine (cause it's the year of the monkey)!
Unsurprisingly, she started with her favourite colour - purple!

There's just something about her love for art that I find so endearing. It's kind of like looking into a miniature me sometimes.
Since the baby was quiet, Shane & I decided to join in the fun! We love how the monkey pretty much represents us since the both of us are born in the year of the monkey as well! 

Megan was in a pretty good mood the first half of the morning that we were there, kept smiling away & charming the girls at FOX!

But of course, it wasn't long before she started fussing & I had to carry her. So I decided to browse the collection with Megan & leave Shane & Kylie to paint!

Needless to say, I went straight to the big girl's section & woahhhh, I'm honestly very jealous of kids these days! They get to wear such trendy clothes! Check out the crochet short at the top left! I would totally buy it for myself if I could fit! & ripped jeans?! SAY WHATTTTT!?!?!?!

They have a lot of colourful vibrant summer prints in this collection which I loved a lot cause it reminded me of Kylie's bubbly & outgoing personality! 

Kylie only has one pair of jeggings which she swears by because it's (in her own words) "so comfy momfy!" so I picked a pair of distressed jeggings (pictured above), showed it to her & she went hysterical. They've lots of floral prints as well which I personally go crazy over (my wardrobe has one too many floral prints) & even though that floral denim blouse wasn't available in Kylie's size, I got it in a bigger size anyway because it's just too pretty to resist!!!

I took a quick browse in the boys' section and my goodness! At that moment, I wish I had a son to dress up in all those clothes! I was legitimately picturing a mini Shane in my head decked in their latest collection! That varsity jacket especially!!!

 & over at the baby girls' section, apart from the usual rompers, they've a really sweet variety of dresses, simple tops & even crochet and denim wear!

After I was done picking out the clothes to dress the kids in, I went to check in on Kylie & Shane were doing with their monkey! End result?
A hippie monkey! Haha! Kylie painted a "K" in the monkey's tummy which for some reason, bears an uncanny resemblance to the marijuana plant (LOL), she also came up with the idea of making the ape wear shades. Couple that with the psychedelic colours of purple, yellow, pink & red and you've got yourself a hippie monkey!

& of course, a mandatory family shot with our hippie!

Kylie's expression when the photographer asked her to smile wider though. HAHAAHA!

& while we waited for the monkey to dry, my girls had the opportunity to get a taste of what it's like being a kid model! (The clothes they're wearing below are all by FOX Kids & Baby!)

Prior to all these shots, Kylie was goofing around & I even have one shot of her with an unintentional "Hail Hitler" pose. LOL. Not posting it here cause it may be a bit sensitive to some but Shane & I laughed out loud when we saw the photo.

Megan had her pacifier cause she started to get really tired & cranky so that was the only way I could get her to take a decent picture. Heh.

& of course, momma had to sneak a shot as well!

Apart from the pictures above, the new collection also boasts a range of monochrome classics, camo prints & for the die hard Disney fans, you can still find some of their Disney collection in stores!

Oh! & one more thing!
FOX is currently looking for kids aged 4-9 to model their brand! If you've a kid who's got the X-factor & is undoubtedly stylish, register them now and they could just be the face of FOX!

To register,  simply make any purchase at the FOX KIDS stores then visit and submit 2 photos of your child together with your receipt details! Closing date ends 6 March 2016! So hurry before it's too late!!!

(Photo credits: Hearted Moments Photography)

*Disclaimer: We were invited by FOX to preview their collection and the girls were blessed with new clothes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Lovely photos! I am so glad to know about this Baby Spring/Summer collection. I am impressed with this collection. My son will turn 5 soon and would be hosting a fancy dress party on his birthday. Currently, looking for best venues in Chicago for the party.