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By Esther Rachel Lai. - 1/14/2016

Mane ‘n Tail is a brand that carries hair products which are uniquely formulated for both horse and human usage. The shampoo formula contains high lathering and ultra-cleansing agents that are fortified with moisturizers and emollients which will help to leave your hair soft & ultra clean! Their conditioners help nourish and aid in healthy hair growth and leaves your hair looking lustrous and silky. These micro-enriched protein formulae help to prevent and repair hair damage, achieving longer, stronger & fuller hair!

Currently, Mane ‘n Tail Singapore provides a range of 5 specially formulated shampoos and conditioners namely - Original, Herbal-Gro, Deep Moisturizing and Gentle Clarifying & Replenishing. For online at their E-store Maimee’s Corner, it’s 6 formulas - Original, Herbal-Gro, Deep Moisturizing, Gentle Clarifying & Replenishing and Anti-Dandruff. The brand boasts several highly recognised beauty awards including “Best Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner” awarded by Woman’s Weekly and “Best Everyday Shampoo & Conditioner” awarded by CLEO Magazine.

Admittedly, when I first heard of Mane ‘n Tail’s products, I was a little apprehensive about using a “horse to human” product on my own hair but decided to give it a shot anyway because I’ve never tried or even heard of any other hair products as unique as Mane 'n Tail's before & since it has also won several awards, I thought to myself that it must be something special then!
I first tried the Original formula and it won me over from the very first wash! It's unlike anything I’ve ever used before! Due to the very fine texture of my hair, I always find my hair breaking and dropping all over the place and the Original shampoo & conditioner is formulated to treat exactly that!

It fortifies the hair shaft preventing breakage and split ends! Its gentle and rich fragrant lather also cleans without stripping natural oils - an essential in nourishing and conditioning the hair and scalp while keeping hair moisturised. My hair also gets tangled really easily and since I started using Mane ‘n Tail’s shampoo & conditioners, I realised that it’s much easier to comb through after showering and my hair doesn’t break that easily either!

Just use the right amount of shampoo for your hair length, lather, rinse and apply conditioner.
*Tip: if you have short hair, use only small amount of shampoo (about the size of a 10 cents coin). 50 cents coin size for average length and two 20 cents coins size if your hair is past your shoulders.

I really like the Clarifying and Replenishing formula because it literally makes my hair and scalp squeaky clean right after rinsing it off! It completely removes daily buildup, grease, waxes and other hard to remove styling products yet is gentle enough for everyday use and for treating flaking and itchy scalp as well! The blend of essential oils, proteins & vitamins also revitalizes the hair as it cleanses. The thing I love about all their shampoo & conditioners is that you can really feel and SEE the cleanliness and it still doesn’t look or feel greasy even after a few days (Don't judge me but I know this because I don’t wash my hair daily, I do it twice or thrice a week)!

Love how my hair looks so clean and flowy after washing! And it stays like this for days! It also feels incredibly soft to touch (no matter which formula I use) - just like a horse’s tail! Shane asked me “is the soap really good?” so I offered to let him feel my hair & he responded with wide-eyed amazement!

I honestly love how Mane ‘n Tail has a shampoo for every need because I have really problematic hair. One of which is the rate at which my hair grows! I love keeping my hair long but many times I’m forced to snip inches off my locks because of the damage & my hair grows incredibly slow after! All my close friends know how I always complain about slow hair growth compared to all of theirs!

So I was really excited to use the Herbal-Gro formula because its blend of natural herbs and olive oil is designed to leave hair stronger and LONGER! It also prevents breakage, frizz and split ends & was even awarded the “Best Strengthening Conditioner” by Cosmopolitan in 2013! The perfect shampoo & conditioner for me right now since I’m trying to grow my hair out so that I can have long, pretty hair for my pre-wedding shoot in March!

If I had to choose, out of all my personal favourite would be the Deep Moisturizing formula because it’s really effective in nourishing my hair from root all the way to tip. It irks me how the ends of my hair always look so horrible and damaged within days of trimming off the dead ends but this shampoo & conditioner has helped maintain repair & rejuvenate my hair from the previous time I snipped & dyed my hair about a month ago! It contains Vitamin E & Pro-Vitamin B5 that nourishes the hair for increased elasticity, providing soft & silky hair! The best part about this is that unlike most other moisturising shampoos and conditioners I’ve used, Mane ‘n Tail’s Deep Moisturising formula is not oily or greasy at all! At first, I wasn’t used to their conditioners not sliding off my hair when I applied it but after drying my hair, I was very impressed! It gave my hair this very different feel of softness that other brands I’ve tried never achieved, as though my hair absorbed all the goodness of the conditioner! It feels really natural and not a wee bit oily at all as if I was born with good hair all my life!

You can see here how naturally smooth my hair looks and even the ends of my hair looks so soft and healthy!

I’m definitely a convert after trying Mane ‘n Tail’s range of shampoos and conditioners! So that’s the secret to horses’ manes & tails always looking so smooth and silky!

You can purchase Mane ‘n Tail for $15.90 at Watsons, Guardian, major Cold Storage,
Robinsons, John Little, BHG and NTUC or buy it online via their E-store Maimee's Corner:

Read up more about Mane ‘n Tail on their website:
Or visit their Facebook Page: & ‘like’ them to participate in contest giveaways; They’re giving away a pair of return air tickets to Hong Kong & other prizes in January & February 2016!

Alternatively, you can redeem a free sample on here:

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