Fox Kids' Christmas Log Cake Decorating Work Shop

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 12/16/2015

Knowing how much Kylie loved getting her hands on craft and bakes, I was more than happy when I received an invitation to a Christmas Logcake Decorating Workshop at Vivo City hosted by FOX Kids & Baby and The Icing Room!

When we got to our destination, Kylie was half asleep but when she saw the workshop, her eyes widened with excitement!

I was initially expecting a miniature log cake but wow! Kylie got too decorate an actual log cake on her own! Love how they had plenty of different coloured icing & toppings such as sprinkles, edible hearts even a santa figurine & christmas tree as well!

I've always loved looking at her when she's focused like that.
& Ky being the greedy lil' rascal she is, sneaked a few mouthful of sprinkles while decorating!

Caught her eating...

& eating...

& eating!!!

She got a bit excited with her favourite rainbow sprinkles & poured them over the log cake like snow.

Actually, I think she got excited with everything and started spamming her whole cake with icing! When the boy beside her left after finishing his decorations, she actually grabbed his leftover piping bags and squeezed the everything onto her cake! 

She squeezed so much chocolate icing that it covered the "Merry Christmas" topper. hahaha! Not exactly the prettiest cake but she seemed rather pleased with it!

Little rascal goofing around with her cake that she got to bring home in the most adorable box!

Thank you FOX Kids & Baby and The Icing Room for organising the workshop and having us! You can tell Kylie really enjoyed herself!

& also, thank you FOX Kids & Baby once again for the early Christmas gifts! The girls are incredibly blessed & we're deeply humbled by your generosity! I can't wait to dress the Kylie & Megan up and snap plenty of pictures of them in their gorgeous new clothes! Will definitely be posting their #ootd shots on instagram (@estherachel) so keep a look out!

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  1. Nice to see kids enjoying themselves creating. The gifts from FOX Kids & Baby are awesome.

  2. Nice to see kids enjoying themselves creating. The gifts from FOX Kids & Baby are awesome.

  3. Your photos are so beautiful with the cute kid. I am not a mom yet but I am so happy to see your pictures. Hoping you will have a great Christmas on this year.

    1. Thank you! I hope you'll have a great christmas too!