By Esther Rachel Lai. - 10/14/2015

Hi everyone! So this entry, I'm really pleased to announce that the online editorial I've been writing for since April this year has finally launched a couple of weeks ago! 
basically aims to inspire and create a community of fun-loving and independent women, who gain and give strength to each other through shared stories and experiences (of course, guys are free to read and share the articles and videos that they like too!). So I'm really really honoured to be a part of this online editorial!

New articles are published everyday and whether it's by me or other writers, I think it's all very relatable to us women!
You can like their Unzipped Singapore Facebook Page or follow their Instagram @UnzippedTV_SG to get updates and interesting bits of news as well!

Apart from articles, Unzipped also has a section that features filmed by Unzipped themselves (such as the popular Bump To Mum series starred by social media influencer Tammy Tay & her son)!

So if you ever run our of things to read here, you can always head over to www.unzippedtv.com to read some of the articles I've written as well as articles written by other authors & don't forget to spread the love!


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