Thought Diary: Growing up with Kylie

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 10/20/2015

Yesterday as I was thinking about Megan's arrival and how I'd be able to see her any time between a week to month from now, and how time flies, a pang of melancholy hit me. 

I don't know if this is the hormones talking or if it's gonna sound crazy but as much as I love how my life is right now, I can't help but feel sad that Megan has missed out on being part of our family for four years. Four years of our lives and things are finally stabilising, we're where we've always wanted to be and things are only going to get better than before but I wish Megan could have been there when Kylie was.

Kylie basically grew up with us. We were teenagers when we had her, she went to school with me, she was there when Shane and I graduated from our respective courses, she was there before I had braces and after my braces came off. We shared so much of our lives with Kylie just as much as she has grown with us, it makes me feel kind of sad that Megan doesn't have that privilege to go through all our major milestones with us. It's like, this time round it's all prim and proper, we're all adults, we have our daily jobs, we have our careers to work on, in time to come, we'll have a house to call our own, more finances to manage, all this adult life. I know we're going to make good memories as a family and we'll give her the best we can give just as we have done for Kylie but for some reason I feel a tad sad.


Yeah. I think it's the hormones. I don't know how to quite explain it but *shrugs* I still can't wait to see the moment the two sisters meet for the first time!

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