Pregnancy: Week 34

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 10/04/2015

Although Megan's due date is in 6 weeks time, full term is considered to be 37 weeks that means 3 more weeks and Megan can decide to "pop" at any time! During my last check up, Megan's head wasn't engaged, meaning her head's not in the downward labour-ready position. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's turned downwards already when we see her during my next check up or else I'll have to go for a c-section (aka caesarean) which I really don't want to happen because the down-time for a post-caesarean operation is longer and more painful than natural birth itself. I've been praying since my last check up and quite frankly, although I was pretty paranoid then, I'm much more assured and less worried now. I think Megan's turned already because i can feel the increase in pressure on my bladder recently. Of course, the surest way of knowing is still through an ultrasound scan during my check up next week! But for now, I'm not sweating it. 

According to my favourite pregnancy site ( ), Megan's now about the size of a cantaloupe / rock melon - so for those saying that my belly looks like a melon, that's because it sort of is!

I've also been feeling extremely tired, the third trimester's fatigue's definitely made no qualms about creeping up on me. Apart from that, I've also been feeling really heavy, like a hippo (except that hippos can still run and I can't). I find myself waddling when I walk sometimes and the other the day I was trying to speed walk to catch a bus but my legs could only move so much. Bending down to pick something up from the floor has also become a chore because my huge belly gets in the way so most times when I drop something, I'll just get Shane to pick it up for me. I went shopping for a pair of sandals last weekend and it took me every ounce of effort just to try one pair of sandals, i think it took a good 5 minutes for me to put on just ONE SIDE & that's even when I'm seated! Gahhhh...Pregnancy woes.

Meg's also been very very active. She kicks a lot these days and it's becoming difficult for me to get a good night's sleep. Once, she kicked me so hard I let out an "ouch!!" midway while talking to a customer. The customer got startled and even apologised for it hahahaha! Megan would start to kick whenever she hears music - like when her daddy plays the guitar and sings but would stop once I flip the camera out LIKE SHE KNOWS I WANT TO VIDEO HER. What even. & I can't lie on my right side because she hates it and would kick incessantly until I turn back onto my left or back. This little rascal.

My appetite's really small now too cause my stomach's basically squished up with all that space Megan's taking up & so far I've gained about 8kg - a lot less compared to when I had Kylie! We're more or less ready for Megan's arrival now. Since Shane got back from Brunei, we got her crib and bouncer fixed, clothes washed and nicely packed into the drawers & most of all, the hospital bag's finally packed! I probably said this a million times but the weeks are passing way too fast! We're all ready for your arrival princess!

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