The 10 Best Things About Pregnancy

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 9/04/2015

We're nearing the end of my second pregnancy in about 2 months & although this pregnancy hasn't been as easy as the first, being pregnant still has it wonderful sides. Aside from the horrible pregnancy symptoms we're all so familiar with (morning sickness, headaches, endless fatigue etc.), there are some really great things about pregnancy! Here's a list of 10 things I love about pregnancy!

Okay, technically, they are showering the baby inside of you with lots of love. But as long as the baby's inside of you, you get all the love too! From your spouse right down to colleagues and even strangers, you get the VIP treatment! & needless to say, being loved feels great! People are just showeing their love and care all over you wherever you go! Sometimes, a little excessively but who's gonna say no to 9 months of extraordinary care and concern from everyone around you? You'd better cherish these 9 months of love while you can because after that, all the love will be showered on the little one! Also, if you have nasty in-laws, bearing them a grandchild might just be your golden ticket to their hearts! Well, at least for 9 months.

If not for all the intoxicating love from everyone around you, this would probably top the list. Being pregnant is the best excuse to getting fat and gaining weight and for one obvious reason - because YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO. All the workout routine and diet plans gets thrown out the window once you find out you're pregnant and nobody can chide at you for eating too much! Want a chocolate donut after your meal? GO AHEAD! In fact, it'll be quite the opposite, everyone around you will be asking you to EAT MORE. That being said, don't go into overkill and stuff your face, you don't want to be gaining weight excessively because it isn't healthy for both you and the baby. Not to mention, you'll have a hard time losing all that excessive weight after birth too!

Husbands probably dig this one. Your boobs will grow a cup or two bigger and you can't deny that you love your pregnant boobies as much as your other half does too! Especially if you're like me and do not have the good fortune of having big boobs seeing your "girls" grow can boost your confidence a little in the midst of the constant "feeling fat" with that humungous growing belly. 

Majority of us Singaporean women go to work right up until we deliver and I happen to be the unfortunate few who do not have the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom. & majority of us working moms, ride the public transport to work everyday. Working itself is taxing enough - couple that with pregnancy fatigue, backaches and a shift in your centre of gravity, having a seat amidst the rush hour crowd is a God-send. I cannot elaborate how genuinely thankful I am every time someone offers me a seat or asks another stranger on my behalf to give up their seat to me. I do it all the time when I'm not pregnant and to have the same kindness paid forward and coming full circle back to me is truly heartwarming. That being said, I do not understand pregnant women who get angry and rant on social media or kick up a fuss when they're not offered a seat. Sure, you need a seat but it wouldn't kill to open your mouth and ask politely either. I'm sure most Singaporeans would willingly give up their seat if you nicely request for them to. I fail to comprehend why anyone would take it to social media and rant about how unjust it is when they have the ability to put themselves out of the situation their in by simply ASKING POLITELY.

Being pregnant has made me realise that Singaporeans are pretty kind and graceful after all! Strangers like the aunty at the economical rice store will chat you up and congratulate you, people give way to you on trains and help you secure a seat, random strangers asks if you feel okay when they see you're a little unwell...all these little gestures really opens up your eyes to the kindness around you that you'd hardly experience when you're not pregnant. & when you are, it's an everyday phenomenon, you can't help but feel so very blessed for all these angels in disguise. I remember one morning, I couldn't get a seat on the train and was carrying a handful of bags. This guy even offered to help me carry my stuff for me so I could balance myself better! I politely declined but I was extremely touched by his simple act of kindness!

Retail therapy is a gratifying indulgence for us woman. But we somehow always feel the pinch after buying an item or two. However with pregnancy, you get to go pregnancy shopping! Partly because you need to but mostly cause you WANT to! Tell me who can resist all the adorable baby clothes & the husband cannot reprimand you for buying for your little one cause well, it's for the little one! Best part? Dada pays! HAHAHAHA!

In a country where every thing is so fast-paced, EVERYONE is tired. But when you're pregnant and you say you're tired, people actually understand and they'll tell you "go take a nap" or "go take a break" instead of the usual "You think only you tired meh? I also tired lor..." people will even be randomly checking on you to see if you're tired and overworking yourself and you can't help but think to yourself "Woah, for once people don't think it's an excuse to be lazy!" 

As the weeks pass, you'll see that they're excitement increases and everyone greets you with such wide-eyed anticipation all the time! Friends and relatives who haven't seen you in 2 weeks exclaim "OMG HELLOOO!! *rubs belly* SO BIG ALREADY!!! SO EXCITING!!" & you can't help but to feel equally happy either! All the warm hellos naturally makes you beam from the inside out!

This one's definitely one of my favourites. Seeing your husband bond with the unborn child inside of you is one of the sweetest thing to witness. Whether it's talking to your baby bump or going the extra mile to settle your midnight cravings, seeing your husband's exuberant love for you and the baby will inevitably make your heart all warm and fuzzy. Nothing's quite as special as a father's love for his child (except maybe a mother's love. ha!).

& of course, the best part about being pregnant is that you get to be part of the miracle of life. You actually get to see and feel the life inside of you grow. Experiencing your baby's kicks from what starts out feeling like tiny little bubbles popping to full-fledged nudges and kicks is one of the most inexplicable feelings in the world. If there's one thing I'll miss about pregnancy, it's certainly feeling the little life inside of me grow. I know I did after Kylie's birth!

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