Kylie's first race!

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 9/29/2015

We were invited to take part in the eXplorerkid Baby & Junior Race 2015 two Saturdays ago at the D'marquee @ Downtown East and the weeks leading up to the event, I was really looking forward to it! 

I've always wanted to register Kylie in eXplorerkid's annual Baby & Junior race but never got round to it so I jumped at the opportunity when we got invited!

The activities lined up for the day! It wasn't merely a day of racing but fun-filled activities for the whole family!

Happy girl with her goodie bag!

When we got there, Kylie was bubbling with excitement! She was eagerly hopping about and kept tugging at me to get a temporary tattoo done at the Hiruscar booth while I was speaking to one of the organisers. Kylie just couldn't contain her excitement and wanted to get her hands on all the activities there were that day!

She then pulled me all the way across the marquee to the eXplorerkid booth where there were art activities for the kids. Naturally, Kylie beamed and requested to do sand art!

We were given coupons to redeem at the various booths and one of it was an animal cupcake decoration activity at the Genius R Us booth! Boy, did that booth smell heavenly with all that freshly baked cookies and cakes!

Kylie feeling rather pleased with her six-eyed zebra!

Ky also got to make her very own tiara which she took a lot of pride and effort in decorating!

Apart from handicrafts, we were also treated to stage performances!

& a fun water play speed game!

& as if that wasn't enough fun, round the back of the Marquee, awaited even more fun for the kids!

Kylie got to ride on an "elephant" at the ZooMoov station

& had endless fun in a good old bouncy castle!

At the Kundo bicycle station, Ky also got to manoeuvre around an obstacle course on the Kundo balance bike!

The fun never ceased! At ReadySteadyGoKids, Kylie got to try her hand at basketball for the first time too!

When we done with all the various activities the day had to offer, it was time for our go at the race!

A shot of the race duo while waiting to get briefed!

Kylie on the race mat! The kids got to get a feel of the Trunki luggage that they were supposed to race on before the actual competition. 

It was a parent & child race so while Kylie sped off on her Trunki, Shane was required to pick up the various items on the mat, and put them all into the Trunki when they reached the end before scooting all the way back to the starting line! 

Kylie took off immediately after the whistle was blown! 

& there she is ahead of all the other kids, my very own Speedy Gonzales! 

Before I could snap enough photos, my incredible duo were back at the finish line! (Again, it slipped my mind to take a video instead of taking photos but oh well! Maybe next year!) & there's Kylie jumping ecstatically cause she came in first for her wave! A pity she missed the 5th place prize overall by a mere 2 seconds though!

My champions nonetheless!

& the kiddo who was superrrr proud of her finisher's badge!

Kylie had an amazing time that day, it wasn't just the race that was the highlight of the day but the entire afternoon was filled with so much fun, her enthusiasm didn't run out even for a split second! In fact, because she attained yet another reward on her sticker chart back at home, I'd wanted to get her cotton candy as her reward but she replied "no mommy, this race is my reward already!" it certainly brought a huge smile to my face knowing that she valued experience more than the tangible, material rewards.

So here's a great big thank you to eXplorerkid for having us! We certainly had a swell time there even though Kylie didn't win the race! Having the honour of attending the event was a prize in itself! I'm already looking forward to next year's race, maybe by then Megan would be able to take part too!

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