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By Esther Rachel Lai. - 9/14/2015

I'm sure most moms have heard of multi-award winning GAIA Natural Skincare (from Australia) products, they boast a wide range of pure, natural and organic skincare most known for our little ones, from body washes to lotions and talc-free cornstarch powder (which I'm using for Kylie and personally love very much!). GAIA also has its Ladies and Mens range of products!

At the same time, the Singapore exclusive distributor of GAIA also has a really stylish range of sunglasses for the kids!

I absolutely love how incredibly fashionable their J-flex's sunglasses look and feel! It's the epitome of cool! Just check out these shots of Kylie wearing her J-flex sunglasses and you'll get what I mean!

It certainly brings out the edge and style in kids! Once they put them on, they go all rock-star mode!

Besides looking great, the J-flex sunglasses are ultra flexible and also provide our kids' eyes with 100% protection from harmful UV rays which could lead to detrimental effects over long-term exposure. Not only that, the lenses are actually polarised to cut out glare for better clarity, comfort & detail! Polarised sunglasses for kids! Now, how often can you find sunglasses like that! & I forgot to mention, they're impact and shatter resistant too!

Having our kids' health and well-being at top priority, the sunglasses are made with 100% non-toxic materials. It's free from BPA, harmful metals and lead-based paints & phthalates! Giving me a peace of mind if Kylie were to put the sunglasses in her mouth (you know, what with kids and love for chewing / biting on things they're not supposed to).

& just when you thought the style factor couldn't get any better than that, each sunglass comes with J-flex's very own zip-around hard carrying pouch so you can bring it around without having to worry about it getting damaged!

Speaking of damage, my favourite thing about J-flex's sunglasses is that the frames are lightweight yet super flexible! The side frames can be bent up to an astonishing angle compared to regular frames which means they can be sat on, twisted or thrown and are less likely to break! You know what that means - it can withstand our young ones' rough play! (Thank God for that because Kylie handled the sunglasses pretty roughly! It's a relief that I don't have to worry about the glasses breaking!)
I picked out the hot wheels black sunglasses for Kylie cause it's easier to match (& because she already has the princess hearts pink) but the sunglasses actually comes in 6 different designs for your kids to choose from & they all look extremely chic & fashionable!

So join the cool kids club and get yours today at http://www.gaia.com.sg/product.php?id_product=60!

You can also visit and like their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jflex.Singapore
for updates on events where you can visit their booth and have a feel of the sunglasses yourself!
Hop over to their website for more info!

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