Bollywood Veggies

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 9/21/2015

Recently, Shane's cousin and aunt took Kylie and I on an adventure to the other end of the country for  a glimpse of the farm life! I was really stoked because I love the great outdoors and a huge pregnant belly wasn't gonna stop me from tagging along! We got a chance to explore nature up close and personal at Bollywood veggies & I must say, Kylie had a swell time there!
Bollywood Veggies is tucked away deep in the rural areas of Kranji, it was a long and winding taxi ride there but worth the change of environment from the hustle and bustle of the suburbs that we're used to.

A very excited and cheeky Kylie upon reaching our destination!

We were greeted with a huge sign that read "Welcome To Paradise" and an endless sight of lush greens. When I first saw its facade, I never expected Bollywood Veggies to hide such a HUGE land of greenery for our adventure!

At the entrance, there was a shop selling little knick-knacks like pretty dream catchers.

Kylie checking out the different seeds they sell.

It's like a mini market, you can buy their fresh crops from corn, to bananas, different vegetables and even first born chicken eggs all fresh from Bollywood Veggie's very own plantation!

Kylie snapped a picture of our hot pink kicks while waiting for all the other guests to arrive.

Getting briefed by the team at Bollywood Veggies & Imagin8tors.

Setting up our gear (macro lens + selfie stick) before setting off on our adventure! Fusing modern tech with good old nature!

So the kids were tasked to go around snapping pictures or videos of bugs they could find in the farm!

My little explorer all pumped up for her mission to find creepy crawlies!

The kids were given actual farming tools to lug around too!

Kylie looking like a real farmer.

Aunty Su tasting the leaf of a bitter plant known as the...

Hempedu Bumi! Apparently it's a medicinal herb that has cancer curing benefits!

& here's Kylie having a taste of the Stevia plant.
The leaves of the plant are actually really sweet! A natural sweetener!

Our first creepy crawly friends we chanced upon - millipedes!

The "lipstick plant". Why is it a lipstick plant you ask?

Cause the seeds can be squashed and used as a natural kind of paint. In fact, the native american red indians used this to paint their faces!

If there's one thing I love about parenting, it's exposing Kylie to nature and not holding back. Even if it means picking up an earthworm myself! She was afraid to hold the earthworm but..

At least she had the courage to pick up a snail by its shell!

& of course, what's a crop farm without a scarecrow?

Not sure what she was trying to snap here but I was so worried she'd drop Aunty Su's phone into the pond!

& the kampong kid who was more than ready to dig at any sandy patch she could find.

Kylie was really interested in the diverse range of flowers she saw, kept taking photos of flowers non-stop!

One thing I loved about the whole trip to Bollywood Veggies is that she was free to roam and run about & explore the area to feed her inquisitive mind.

It was really cool how the staff overturned logs for us to see all sorts of bugs!

There really was a trail of ants beside this sign but they were too tiny to be snapped.

The farm has free roaming hens and roosters and also huge dogs which I guess are their pets but the kids were all extremely thrilled to see the animals!

A group shot at the end of the nature trail!

& fresh banana cake & fig tea to treat ourselves after our adventure!

But that's not all! After our short break, we got to get nifty and creative by making our own robotic bugs using simple materials like paper, pipe cleaners and cups and fusing it with simple tech like battery operated motors, led lights and fans! I found this bit pretty interesting cause Kylie got to learn about how a simple circuit works while unleashing her creativity!

She was really focused on building her robotic bug! This girl's got my artsy fartsy genes, she loves making crafts!

My little snake made out of pipe cleaners & a little motor to make it move!

& Kylie's very own robotterfly!

All the different crafts made that day!

& while waiting for our ride home to arrive, Kylie got to do a little fishing in the pond!

So that was our day well spent away from the hectic city life and into the countryside! I certainly loved the change of environment and would definitely bring Kylie to more of such farms in future! Really appreciate Kylie's Godma Audrey and Grand Aunty Su for taking us on this unique adventure!

Apart from touring the area, you can actually dine at Bollywood Veggies for a taste of the farm right off your plate!

Bollywood Veggies
100 Neo Tiew Road, 
Singapore 719026 (Kranji)

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