Pregnancy: Week 29

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 8/31/2015

We're in the final trimester!

Seems like time's passed incredibly fast with this pregnancy! About 2 more months before we'll finally welcome Megan into the world! I'm excited and anxious all at the same time. I can't wait to hold her in my arms but I also know the first few months are going to be extremely tiring and truth be told, I'm kind of dreading it. I clearly remember just how exhausted I was after Ky's birth. I'm also kind of scared about going through labour this time round? Which is weird cause I had no such fear when I was expecting Kylie. I think it's because with Ky, my labour only took two hours and I'm apprehensive about being able to withstand the pain if labour's gonna take longer than that this time round. My entire pregnancy and labour went so smoothly the first time, it kind of makes me a little paranoid now? I know they say that the second pregnancy's normally easier than the first so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have a speedy labour! Worrying is silly so I'm just trusting in God and praying that everything will be fine. 

Megan's kicks are getting a lot stronger too. So strong that she now wakes me up a few times in the middle of the night! It seems she's most active when I'm asleep! I've gained about 6kg so far and my appetite isn't monstrous like it was on the beginning of the second trimester anymore. I find myself being able to eat slightly lesser than normal in one seating & I always tend to still be hungry but I'll want to throw up if I continue eating my food? So I'll end up downing a cup of milo or having a slice of bread instead of finishing my meal to fill my tummy. I'm not eating as much but baby's still growing well though so that's all that matters. It was the same when I had Kylie too. Maybe that's just how my body is when I'm preggers.

Also, Shane flew to Brunei last night for his JCC training. When he's back, I'll be 32 weeks into my pregnancy! Kind of nervous and exciting at the same time cause I remember I gave birth to Ky at 38 weeks! So we're really almost there! These few months that Shane's been in his platoon sergeant course hasn't been particularly easy for us. We hardly had the time to communicate with each other at all and it kind of put a strain on our relationship at one point because of the total lack of communication. Now that he's in Brunei, I'm only gonna contact him a lot lesser and while he's in the jungle for 9 days, he'll be completely uncontactable. It kind of sucks cause I'm always at the other end of the line waiting for him to reply a text when I've so much to tell him but I know this too will pass. We're in the final lap already and after he's done with his PS course, we can finally have a breather and welcome Megan into our lives proper.

I somehow feel we've been so busy, we hardly had the time to really embrace the life inside of me. Back when I had Kylie, Shane would talk to her from outside my belly every night but now when he comes home, it sometimes doesn't even occur to him to say "hi" to Megan and it bothers me a little but I know it's not that he doesn't care but there's just a lot going on in our heads. Even for me, this pregnancy I sometimes forget how many weeks along I'm in cause I've got a million other things at the back of my head and I don't keep track of the weeks as much.

Right now, I can't wait for Megan to be out so we can really wrap our heads around it & embrace our family of 4. Looking forward to my maternity leave & Shane's 2 weeks of paternity leave to spend time with our girls! 

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