Shane's Passing Out Parade

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 7/02/2015

Last week, I had the honour of attending Shane's second passing out parade (the first was when he completed his bmt) this time, he was passing out as a 3rd Sergeant after 22 weeks of training as a Specialist Cadet. These 6 months whizzed passed so fast, I still remember counting down the weeks at the beginning and dreading the months ahead since I knew that being on his specialist cadet course also meant he'd be away from home 90% of the time. Looking back, I can't believe we pretty much breezed through it and everything went smoothly for us despite some minor setbacks here and there.

This however, doesn't mark the end. It only marks the beginning of his career as a regular in the force. He's since begun his platoon sergeant course and while it's another 3 months to endure, I know that things will only get better for our family. 

Tough times don't last, tough people do!

Kylie in obvious excitement upon seeing her daddy. She brought Bala (her stuffed dog - don't ask me why she named him that, I have no idea) along and Shane told us that he actually couldn't spot us in the crowd until he spotted a dog waving in the air hahaha! 
The parade was made exceptionally proud for his folks and I cause he was appointed the contingent commander. That meant he was right at the forefront, leading his fellow comrades and giving them the commands. I was so proud of my man when I first saw him amongst the other specialists that I started tearing up - that is, until it dawned upon me to whip out the camera and start snapping. I was literally staring in awe of my husband. Captivated.

So on point.
Apologies if the photos seem a bit repetitive, I was damn biased, only snapping pics of Shane. hahaha. & I totally forgot that my cam has a video recording function until my mother-in-law asked me to film Ky putting on the rank for Shane (video below). If not I would've recorded key moments of the parade and compiled them into one! But gahhhh, it's okay!

The recipients of the golden bayonet award - something that Shane was aiming for right from the beginning. Unfortunately, his chances of attaining the golden bayonet was compromised because he missed 2 outfields due to unforeseen circumstances (one being my pregnancy scare).

Kylie had made a silver trophy labelled "#1 Dad" for him though. Even though he didn't get the golden bayonet, I think this holds much more weight coming from his beloved daughter.

& as mentioned above, Shane requested that his mom and I let Kylie don the 3rd Sergeant rank on him because small boss > anyone else. I guess nothing beats a father's love for his princess.

3rd Sergeant Shane Simon Joseph (or in Kylie's eyes, "Sergeant Loving Daddy Shane").
One with his folks!
& of course, kisses for the man of our lives. 
Truth be told, he really stank. Hahahhaa, we had to hold this position for a good 5 seconds and when we done, I literally coughed and choked. Kylie was more polite. She just quietly went to the side and watched us snap more photos as she crinkled and wiggled her nose!
& Shane's long-time pal, Gerald who tagged along with us and was really nice to help me carry Kylie's stuff (as seen above, he still had Ky's bag on hahaha, whoops. Thanks Gerald!)

Euphoria after the whole parade. It was really heartwarming sight seeing the boys overwhelmed with pride and gratification to the point that they weren't just cheering in happiness but also hugging (and group hugging) each other whilst jumping for joy.

The sweetheart offered to wipe her Daddy's sweat after a long day of parade!

& the man, his dad who inspired and motivated him to be a militant.

I don't know how many times I've said this but I'm really proud of you Shane. With your determination, I believe you'll excel in your career. Come what may, we'll always be behind you, giving you the support you need when it comes to your career. They say being a militant is hard but being a militant's wife is harder. Still it's the route I've chosen to take with you & I'll always be here to be that woman behind your successes. Thank you for all that you've done for me and our family & now, for the country as well.
We're all tremendously proud of you.

We love you.

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