Pregnancy: Week 21

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 7/09/2015

Baby's kicks have been getting stronger by the weeks and now his/her kicks are already visible!

Somehow the fatigue that had left me during the early weeks of my second trimester, seem to be creeping up on me again. Been feeling tired and less energetic the past two weeks because of the lack of rest due to late nights (my late night = sleeping at 11pm/12am) and also pregnancy insomnia. If there's one thing I dread the most about pregnancy, it's the frequent trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night because of all that weight pressing against your bladder. It's also getting a bit tough to find a comfortable position and I've been getting slight crampings the past few days making it even harder to sleep!
I've also been having major bad cravings for honey. Specifically, milk ice cream + honey. I even considered buying a tub of premium milk ice cream and drizzle as much honey over it as I want instead to buying from shops like Honey Creme or Milk Cow just to satisfy my incessant cravings but I decided against it cause I don't want to "overdose" and end up with gestational diabetes - something that could complicate pregnancy. Besides, the doctor's been telling me not to take too much sweet stuff so I've to resist the cravings!

I know most of you are keen to know the baby's gender but we haven't got a definite confirmation on the baby's gender that's why I haven't updated anything on whether the little one's a boy or a girl but my gynae says it's 80%...
well, I'll tell once it's confirmed! Definitely by next week cause if my gynae still can''t confirm it by this Saturday, I'll definitely find out on Monday during my detailed scan @ NUH!

Many people are telling us "hopefully it's a boy this time!" but I'm kind of half-half about it? I was initially looking forward to expecting a baby boy but I kind of don't mind having another girl too? I think it's cause Shane and I both want to have 3 kids in future & I'd love for my son to have two elder sisters. I don't know but I think boys growing up with sisters tend to be more understanding and compassionate when they grow up.

That being said, if I have another girl, I think we need to stop playing wrestling at home. Ky's getting a bit too rough for a girl! Hahahaha!

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