Kylie builds a pony!

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 7/06/2015

I created a rewards chart for Kylie in a bid to encourage good behaviour through positive parenting. So basically, how it works is that each time she does something well, she gets a sticker or two on her rewards chart depending on the "difficulty" of the behaviour ( difficulty as in, how tough it is for her to do as she's told like keeping the toys vs finishing up her dinner - which is a feat for me cause she takes eons to finish up her meals!) 10 stickers on her chart gets her a reward. Of course, the chart works in reverse too, if she misbehaves, stickers are removed and she'll have to earn her way to her reward again. I started off by frequently rewarding her then slowly decreased the frequency when she started to get the hang of what is expected of her so not everything she does will result in a sticker because I don't want her to grow with the mentality that she'll only behave if there's a carrot at the end of the stick.

Her rewards usually are inexpensive and comprises of fun times as a family like a day at the beach, an evening spent at Explorerkid or simply bringing her for a swim. It's a really great tool for us to make the effort to spend quality time as a family amidst our busy schedules as well. So, usually when we reward her, it's through experiences and not material things.

Kylie had a reward due for her and I was busy cracking my head over the week on where we should bring her to when I stumbled into Build-A-Bear Workshop at Plaza Singapura while window shopping. I've always wanted to build a stuffed animal myself but never had the chance to cause it's wayyyy too costly so when I saw that Kylie's favourite My Little Pony characters were on a 50% sale to build, I immediately texted Shane & we decided there and then to bring her there to build her own pony! & like any other first-time experiences, I obviously had my camera rolling for this!

You can tell she really enjoyed her time there & although it still ended up a little pricey, the cost was pretty worth the experience! They're also selling the other bears at $50 for 1 bear + 1 costume! They've Minions too (Shane wanted to build a Minion haha)! I'm not sure when the offer ends but we headed to their Harbourfront outlet cause the capes were out of stock at their Plaza Singapura outlet. I prefer the Harbourfront's outlet anyway cause it's less crowded and much bigger! So grab 'em while they are still on sale! It'll be a pretty fun experience for your kid (or the kid in you!)

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #03-04
Tel: 6238 1378
Fax: 6238 1180

HarbourFront Centre
1 Maritime Square #02-17/18
(Southlink Bridge of Vivo City and HarbourFront Centre)
Please park at level B1 or B2 (near lift Lobby A)
Tel: 6275 9932
Fax: 6275 9936

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