Gardens By The Bay

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 7/20/2015

Two weeks back, we spent the weekend with my in-laws at Gardens By The Bay, I remember telling my mother-in-law "I can't believe I'm coming here to see flowers...". True enough, it wasn't as thrilling and exciting of an outing compared to a trip to the zoo (truth be told, I subconsciously kept looking through the foliage hoping for a glimpse of some animal).
And...this was all I got.

Hahaha. But the place is pretty much a haven for taking pretty pictures! So I'm not going to say much this post, it's mainly just visuals. I have to add, the heat was crazy that day but thankfully, the flower dome and cloud dome was extremely cool. Too cold actually that we all started rubbing our arms after an hour so be sure to bring a jacket along! Gardens By The Bay is free for all but entry to the domes require an admission fee. It isn't too expensive though, they've a cheaper rate for Singapore Citizens and another 10% off for OCBC card holders. If you're gonna go to GBTB, you might as well pay to visit the domes because that's the whole highlight of the place - other than the super trees. Okay, enough said, here are the visuals!!

Mandatory "wefie"!

Love how the structure of the dome makes the pictures look that much more interesting!

So inside the flower dome, you can basically Lots of them. & cacti too!

Apart from flowers, they also have pretty decor like that giant swan behind us.

Kylie got a bit cranky at the start though...

& even though I'm advised not to carry her, I had to because she wouldn't stop crying.

Shane cracking me up with his nonsense. He said "put your hand up, make us look like we're lying down on a bed of flowers".

So pretty, the leaves look like they're covered with frost.

My father-in-law trying to be funny hahahaha.


& the crazy girl who went to hug the flowers. Literally hug.


Somebody not looking very interested....

No, I did not teach her to pose like that.

Rascal couldn't take a proper photo.

Just chilling...beside a giant cactus.

Think the biggest wow factor of the Flower Dome was the wood sculpted dragon & eagle!

We then headed to the Cloud Dome which reminded me a lot of Jurassic World. Don't know why but I forgot to take a picture of the huge waterfall.

There was nothing much to see at the Cloud Dome though. It was kind of like a rainforest treetop walk. It's quite difficult to explore the place with a pram though.

Overall, I think the older folks would enjoy the place more. It was nice seeing all the pretty flowers but nothing extremely fascinating although I'm really glad how the pictures all turned out so pretty! 

Ending this picture post with none other than the super trees!

Gardens By The Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr, 018953
Tel: 6420 6848

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