One day she'll find her prince, but you'll always be her king.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 6/15/2015

A few months back, I stumbled across a post on Facebook showcasing a beautiful series of photos of tattooed parents and their kid(s). The stark contrast between the purity of a child and the inks on the parents was inexplicably alluring and it was also something I could relate to since Shane had a body filled with tattoos. Seeing that post immediately inspired me to do a daddy-daughter shoot for Kylie & Shane one day. Somewhere last week, the sudden surge of creativity kicked in & I knew I just had to make that "one day" happen by the weekend & we did! Even the weather was nice and cool yesterday! Perfect for a shoot filled with love! Also, since Father's day just round the corner, this shoot couldn't have been timelier!

So here's the series of photos that I really take pride in photographing and it certainly holds a very dear and special place in my heart. There's nothing sweeter than to be able to capture a father's moments with his princess. I hope you'll enjoy this series of photos and that it'll bring a smile to your face as much as it did to me (:

P.S. Happy Father's Day in advance, love.


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