My pregnancy: Week 18

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 6/18/2015

Can't believe I'm almost 5 months into my pregnancy already?! Time sure flies!

Baby's kicks are getting super strong now, I started feeling his/her kicks at week 15.
I remember only feeling Kylie's kicks at about 5 months+?! But it's probably cause I've been cautiously looking out for baby's kicks and this time round I know what it feels like. His/her kicks are so strong now I can even feel it when I'm working, even Shane can feel baby's kicks whenever he put his hands on my belly :) 

Oh! & we'll most probably be able to confirm baby's gender at my next check up in 1 and a half week's time! Shane says he thinks it's a girl, to quote he said he could "feel it". & Kylie says she wants a meimei. Hahaha. I'm not sure though but we'll see! It's making us very excited! We've even thought of some names to name the little one! I can't wait to go baby shopping!!
The other day we were in town and I couldn't help walking into Cotton On Kids to buy a piece of apparel for the little one. Got this onesie in gray cause we still don't know if it's a baby girl or baby boy yet & I couldn't resist not getting that beanie! Can't wait to see my baby in it!

With the help of my dad, I've also started preparing a spot in the house that I intend to transform into the kids' play area. Just a few more stuff I need to get, like the play yard barricade, shelving unit, play mat and a kids' table + chairs. Will probably get 'em at the upcoming babyfair (I bought my Avent electric breastpump at the last babyfair and got a really good package deal for it! - We intended to get a brand new stroller but we were given a free Graco stroller when we bought the breastpump as a package! Really worth it! Not to mention the stroller's of pretty solid quality too! Definitely much better than our current hand-me-down which served us well when Ky was a baby but it's giving way already).

For mommies wondering when the babyfair is, I thought it'll be helpful for me to share the details here (do note this is not an ad)
It's happening on the 10th - 12th July 2015  at the Singapore Expo! 
10-11 Jul: 10am-9pm
12 Jul: 11am-8pm

You can check out their website and subscribe to their mailing list like I did to get the latest dibs on baby products and stuff! 

I also intend to write about the pregnancy products I use cause good things must share right?! Especially the stretch-marks prevention cream that I've been using since the first pregnancy! So i hope the next entry will be useful to some!

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