My pregnancy: then & now.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 6/09/2015

They say every pregnancy is different and  I couldn't agree more! My first pregnancy with Kylie went as smooth as a waveless sea. But this pregnancy brought on quite a few scares in my first trimester and beginning of my second trimester ( read previous post ).

I'm currently at the half way mark at 17 weeks - 4 and a half months into this pregnancy! The pregnancy scares aside, the "symptoms" so far have also been a vastly different experience compared to the first!

Morning Sickness

Then: For a start, when i had Kylie, I NEVER had morning sickness (except maybe that one morning where i was hugging the puke bucket but just that once). 

Now: But with this pregnancy I experienced all-day nausea throughout my entire first trimester! Who says morning sickness only occurs in the morning?! The whole of my first trimester, I could hardly eat a full meal cause I'd feel like throwing up after a few mouthfuls. 


Then: When I was expecting Kylie, I ate less than my usual portions when I wasn't pregnant. Weird but that's probably why I didn't gain too much unnecessary weight then. I also hardly had any cravings apart from...strawberry milk. & although I love spicy food, I couldn't handle spicy foods at that time!

Now: Thankfully, my appetite's a lot better now that I'm into my second trimester. Quite the opposite actually, I'm CONSTANTLY hungry but I still find myself unable to finish a full meal from time to time cause I'd feel like puking eventhough I'm super hungry. Pregnancy woes. I'm learning to have small frequent meals throughout the day so my tummy won't be empty though. Cause if that happens, my gastric will start acting up, I'll get a massive headache then I'll start feeling giddy and nauseated again. I'll admit I'm a little frightened of my appetite and constant hunger cause I'm worried I won't be able to lose all that weight after my pregnancy. I think local blogger Bong Qiu Qiu kind of scared me quite a bit. Heh. But of course, I'm still eating to my heart's delight and not holding back cause I know I shouldn't be thinking of weight loss right now. Guess I'll just have to work out harder after birth! Oh! I also find myself craving for sour/spicy stuff ALL THE TIME!


For the first three months of both my pregnancies I was just enveloped with severe fatigue and no amount of sleep was ever enough. The only difference though, is that...

Then: I was schooling and had the luxury of sleeping the day away at home. 

Now:  I'm a working, expectant mother and that completely drained me out cause I had practically zero time to nap. To make matters worse, I had to lay off the coffee as much as possible for the better of baby's health. I think I downed a bottle of chicken essence almost everyday in hopes it'll help combat the fatigue. Thank God my energy came back during the second week of my 2nd trimester!


I know they say you'd start showing earlier in your second pregnancy but I didn't expect to show THIS early!

Then: This was me at 5 months of pregnancy....

Now: At 4 months, 2 weeks.

Need I say more?! Okay to be fair, my belly's not as huge in the morning. For some reason my belly is damn elastic now and it doubles in size after I eat. On the bright side, at least I'm starting to be offered a seat during the rush hour home :B


Then: Because Shane was only a teen then, he really didn't quite understand what I went through during my pregnancy and couldn't really be bothered.

Now: Even though Shane's not home 80% of the time compared to then when he was with me everyday, he's a lot more caring and understanding now! Always trying his best to meet my cravings, he's more patient towards my mood swings & as seen above, he also does really sweet things to sooth my pregnancy woes like buying facial masks for my pregnancy breakouts and a neck pillow for my stiff neck! So loved!


The best part of my pregnancy now compared to then is my ability to share my journey so openly with everyone!


I was eighteen and teenage pregnancy is pretty much taboo so I kept everything a hush hush and only opened up to everyone with the first photo of Kylie fresh out of the oven. Yes, I kept my pregnancy away from unwanted attention for the whole nine months.

Now: As you can tell, I couldn't wait to share the news with everyone and to pen down my pregnancy journey on this blog. I guess I'm pretty much going full steam ahead embracing this pregnancy & I couldn't be happier! 

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