Father's Day

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 6/30/2015

Went out with my two lovers for a simple family day out in celebration of Father's Day. This year mark's Shane's 4th Father's day & next year, he'll be a father of two! We went for a simple day out and I decided to test out the new camera that Shane surprised me with!

My #ootd for the day. Heh.

& because I had cravings for mee sua, we had this for lunch!

I'd booked tickets for the Minion movie a couple of date before and since we had extra time, we decided to let Kylie have some fun at the arcade! We were so thrilled to see the old school machines that earned you tickets to redeem a prize, we knew we just had to introduce Kylie to what was once a memorable part of our childhood. Unfortunately, these days, arcades like this are as good as gone.
Who else remembers the classic crocodile game?!

& the delight of seeing the tickets roll out (& then tryna cheat by slowly pulling out one more ticket from the machine).

Water gun game. The artillery dad had his take on this of course.

Kylie obviously gleeful with her tickets stash.

& the good old ball games. After a while, Ky just stood at the side and watched as we practically reached our hands right over the kangaroo's pocket and dropped the ball in.

& the egg catching game! I must say, Ky was quite good at this one!

Her dada just had to play this game when he saw it - even though there were no tickets to be earned.

Handing in the tickets!

& getting 'em counted!

In the end, we only had 80+ tickets. hahaha. The prizes really aren't worth the 5 bucks but it's worth the fun!

Kampong kid picked the rubber spider out of all things.

After our fun at the arcade, we headed to the cinema for our movie!
Really impressed with the camera! This was taken in low lighting, without flash! So awesomeeee!

I felt that the movie didn't meet my expectations though. It got a bit draggy in the middle and Shane actually dozed off halfway. I think it's cause the three adorable little girls were missing from the Minions movie so it was kind of boring. 

So yeah, short entry on Father's day cause it was pretty simple & I was merely testing the camera out! Gotta say, I love my new cam!!
If you're wondering what camera it is, it's the Samsung NX3000
Not the latest model but it's got the same internal specifications as the NX3300 and it's sensitivity is better than the NXmini. I wanted the white one but Shane was told they only had the black one so he got it for me anyway and surprised me with it. The previous day I was telling him about it and he just kept going "No. Don't buy. No okay? Don't buy k?" I kinda suspected that he was going to get it for me but still I couldn't help to cry tears of joy when he actually came home with it. Really super super touched! Thanks baby :)

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