Valentine's with my Valentines.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 2/23/2015

About a week before Valentine's Day, Shane told me he had planned the day for the two of us. I hadn't seen him the entire week and Shane could only book out on that very Valentine's Saturday itself so the night before, I decided to give him a little something to smile about and well, keep the love alive. 
Say what you will about Valentine's, whether you're a V'day critic or a hopeless romantic, I think every act of love, big or small, is beneficial to a couple's relationship & as married couples, it's really important to "court" your partners and not get lazy and let the relationship stagnate. Sure, you may say "everyday is Valentine's day when you're in love" but it wouldn't hurt to show a little more love to your girl (or guy) on special occasions like Valentine's instead of being a killjoy isn't it?
Because, who says girls can't be the one asking a guy out on a date? I'm sure half the guys in this world love if the tables are turned for once. Our men need a little loving' too sometimes :)

Shane has never really been the kind of guy who plans dates and such so I was beyond touched when he told me he actually booked dinner at a restaurant for us. So touched actually, that I began tearing up and grinning to myself all at the same time.
We first headed to Orchard for the first part of our date (make a guess what we did!) & of course, the streets was thronged with couples and people selling roses/giving out free roses. Above we were stopped by some "celebrateloveSG" thing & Shane wrote a love note for me before we got this photo taken. He picked the "She's my Queen" prop, aww...cheesy or what?!

A Photo with our free rose. Shane said he'd actually wanted to order a bouquet of roses for me as well but I told him thank goodness he didn't because we all know how crazy the price of flowers gets hiked up on Valentine's! Besides, if everyone else is getting flowers on V'day, that doesn't make getting flowers very much special does it? I'd love to receive flowers any day though, except Valentine's because I know how mad expensive they are and the last thing I want is having my husband fall into the V'day "scam" just for my sake (unless he can get cheap roses on that day, haha).

The first part of our date, we went for a full body massage (Did you guess it right?) at Footworks! Because both our bodies needed a well-deserved massage! They've two outlets in Singapore, one in International Building & the other which we went to, at Shaw Centre. I love how clean and white the whole place looks and the people there who were having their foot reflexology, looked so relaxed some of the were even sleeping! Definitely a great pitstop to recharge after shopping on the streets of Orchard for hours!
Changed into the kimono that they provide and had THE BEST massage I've ever had. I usually find it very hard to fall asleep during a massage but THIS, I was so relaxed I actually fell asleep! The massage was SO good, even Shane fell asleep half way into his massage! The lady that massaged me was Sally & I'd really have to give it to her, I've been going for massages since my early secondary school days but I've never had such a good massage before! Not only was it superbly relaxing, Sally also managed to get into the spots where my muscles were really strained and tight. 
Our sated faces after 65mins of really revitalising massage. Had us wanting to go back for another 65mins of pure relaxing goodness! hahaha!

Oh yes! GOOD NEWS for all you guys!
From now till March 2015, Footworks is having a promotion in celebration of the Nation's 50th year! #SG50
You can get 50% OFF Foot Reflexology & Body Massage at either of their outlets if you're there before 5pm! It's best if you call them to make a reservation just in case!

Shaw Centre
1 Scotts Road, #03-22
Simgapore 228208


After our massage, we headed to the National Museum to...appreciate art.
Nah, I'm just kidding, we went there for our semi-fine dining dinner at Flutes! Shane told me were lucky to get a seat because when he called for reservation 4 days beforehand, we were allocated the last slot for the first seating at 6.30pm.
Can I just say, the National Museum has such pretty architecture?! So much to love! I really adore the old english feel!
A few snaps while waiting for the tables to be set.
Our 5-course Valentine's dinner menu! 
The ambience was SO romantic, with melodious love songs playing, candles lit, warm lights & the endearing classiness of the whole restaurant, it's hard not to fall in love with your partner all over again!
Our first course, fresh oyster! I always enjoy a good fresh oyster! 
& some nice warm bread with an olive & vinegar dip before our next course.
Next up we had fresh salmon delicately plated and served to us! This was really good we both nodded our heads in agreement the moment we put a slice in our mouths.
Green pea soup! To be honest, the both of us weren't quite looking forward to this when we saw the menu, I mean, PEA SOUP? Really? But boy, this totally exceeded our expectations! It actually tasted pretty good! I think they had a strip of bacon in it too, it complimented the soup very well!
 After this, we were served a shot of raspberry sorbet to cleanse our palates for the main course!
& our wagyu steak & stewed beef on the side! The wagyu beef was remarkably tender! The insides were so soft, it almost melts in your mouth! I'd have liked it a little more juicy though, Shane & I both felt that the steak was a bit too dry for our liking. I know you guys think the portions are pathetic but do not belittle the portions! We were exceedingly filled up to the brim by the end of our main course! 
Passionfruit and chocolate for dessert. I didn't quite fancy this one though, felt that it was too sour, the passionfruit completely overwhelmed the taste of the chocolate. Shane enjoyed this dessert though!

& finally, a cup of hot tea for each of us to complete our exceptional Valentine's dinner! This I have to add, even the tea tasted exquisitely good! 
P.S. thank you for the dinner love, I really enjoyed the fine-dining experience with you and more than that, your simple but sweet gestures made me fall head over heels with you all over again. I felt like we were 17 again and crazy in love. Here's to a lifetime together!

93 Stamford Road, 
The National Museum of Singapore, 178897
Tel: 6338 8770

After our dinner, we met our other Valentines, our favourite couple! They introduced Play Nation @ *Scape to us (because we're such an old couple, we don't know what's in anymore) for some genuine fun! I'd definitely dig it if a guy brought me here for a date! Dates don't necessarily have to be about flowers and fancy dinners, suits and dresses right? What's most important is the quality time spent & I really hate it when a guy brings me on a boring movie date because that's really...boring?! & there's probably zero time to talk to each other/get to know each other more when you're watching a movie!

But at Playnation, you get to play video games together ranging from old school Bomberman to new age Rockband & well, laugh and joke about it, poke fun at each other (sometimes even scream in excitement). It's a much more interesting date wouldn't you say? & of course, the place is a haven for friends to hang out and chill other than people-waching and sipping on a cup of coffee for hours at Starbucks! Not to mention, you get free drinks and free popcorn too! This place definitely gives hipsters a run for their money.

Played Wii & had a ball of a time together. I don't know if it's the place or if it's them but we had such a great time! Then again, we always have a good time of fun and laughter whenever we're with John & Pat, which is why I chose Pat to be my maid-of-honour for our upcoming wedding & Shane chose John to be one of his two groomsmen. If Shane didn't have a brother, John would without a doubt be  his Bestman. (More on our wedding planning another time!)
This shot basically sums up how it's like every time we meet!

Play Nation
2 Orchard Link #03-02 
Singapore 237978 

That's pretty much how I spent my Valentine's! With lots of love and laughter, nothing less!

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