Kylie's 2nd ballet open house!

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 1/07/2015

Okay so this post has been sitting idle in my drafts since November (i think), high time I get off the seat of procrastination & publish it up!
We were invited to Kylie's second open house at her ballet school, Le Grand School Of Dance ( I blogged about her first ballet open house & you can read about it: here) this time round, I remembered to bring my camera along so you can expect much better quality photos in this entry (yay!).

I must say, I was super impressed with not just Kylie's but all the girls' significant improvement since the first open house which was only about 4 months apart from this 2nd open house! I don't know, I wasn't expecting much but to see their rhythm, control, discipline improve so significantly, I was watching wide-eyed the whole time & very much proud of my babygirl! At least I know she's definitely learning & most importantly, enjoying every bit of it!

Check out those pointed toes!

I'm not even half as flexible as the kids there! haha! 

That's the "frog" pose which she always shows me at home!

& my favourite, "Mermaid" pose, another that she always demonstrates to friends and relatives when asked what she learnt in Ballet! 

Cheeky rascal flashed me that hand sign when she caught me snapping photos of her.

In her "princess feet" stance which is technically, feet together. But doesn't princess feet sound so much more endearing? 

Don't you just love how cute these little girls look, all poised like that!

I really like their teaching methods. They use fun ways to teach the kid fundamental stuff like pointing their toes. As seen above, the girls were asked to point their toes out and "snap a photo" of it!

Running gracefully on their tippy toes to the melody of the music.

& then they were asked to make a V shape with their feet! I actually missed the shot when they did it but Kylie secretly did it again so I could zoom in and snap. teehee!

Time for props! They were given hankies and asked to remember where their own handkerchief's placed, then they had to retrieve it when cued. Kinda like a stepping stone for them to recognise their individual roles during a performance.

& after that, they had to fold their own hankies and hand them back! Here's a very meticulous Kylie who was the last to fold her hanky cause she kept trying to refold it to perfection.

So...I said I wanted to enrol her in Ballet so she could learn to be more graceful. heh. 

No peeking Kylie!!

That's about it! Sorry I don't have much description for the photos cause I'm typing this based on memory from 2 months ago but I hope you guys can still see what her Ballet school's all about! I'm really happy with her learning and development on the dance so far & I definitely can't wait for the day I get to attend her first ballet recital! Can imagine the feeling of a proud mom watching her baby girl perform on stage. 

No, but really, I think I'd be moved to tears. heh.

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