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By Esther Rachel Lai. - 10/25/2014

Just when I thought there was nothing much left to do in Singapore, our friends Jonathan & Liying planned a little outing with us (and Kylie). On Deepavali, we set out to the other end of Singapore for some icy fun! It was also our first time at the Jurong shopping malls & it's quite an eye-opener! Love how chic and trendy all the malls look!
That's right, we went ice skating!!!

Eager little minion's anticipating her first time in the skating rink!

I love seeing the excitement bubble within her whenever we bring her out to try new things!

Mandatory family photo in the rink!

We rented the Seal skating aid so Kylie could sit on it cause we weren't sure if she was able to balance on the ice.

Happy uncle Jonathan who totally adores Kylie. He even bought her the Converse sneakers that she wore that day (photos above)! Little rascal's so blessed!

Shane & I had lots of fun ourselves! We had brief moments to relive our dating lives as Liying & Jon helped watch over Kylie. Our moments "alone" really felt magical, holding hand in hand as we glided on the ice & even doing silly dance spins in the middle of the rink. A pretty fun & somewhat romantic activity for couples!

The rink's staff trying to teach Kylie to skate. Munchkin's quite the strong-headed tot who prefers doing things on her own though.

Liying was pretty apprehensive on the skates. I'd say Kylie was much more daring than her (as expected of the rascal)! She sat on the Seal more often than Kylie did! hahaha!

But she soon got the hang of it! Just needed a little bit more guts!

Group photo taken by Kylie baby!

& the husband up to his silly antics. Reminds me why I fell in love with him. He seems all cool & composed on the outside but he's got his hilarious side that never fails to crack me up.

I'd love to go ice skating again! If only it wasn't so far! The one at Kallang's temporarily closed for renovations, can't wait for it to open so we could frequent the iceskating rink there!

And in case some of you guys were wondering, here's the rates that I got off their website! Everyone should definitely give it a try! It's a great family activity for both the young and the young-at-heart!

And of course, here's a video of my babygirl on her first iceskating session! She took a few hard falls but my little trooper still carried on with a smile. That's my baby girl. You can't learn if you don't fall a few times.

The Rink
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Level 3, JCube  Singapore 609731
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