My Little Angel

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 10/03/2014

My days of being a design student are far behind me but every now & then, I still get sudden bursts of inspiration. These days, I hardly have the time to sit down and sketch for hours like I used to so my need to feed my bursts of creativity often come in other forms such as this short photo series of Kylie that I title "My Little Angel".
I'm barely even a novice when it comes to photography & all these shots are taken on auto mode using my semi-dslr. I had to edit the hues and all a bit to suit the feel I was going for so don't judge! I was afterall, an Interactive Media Design student so photo editing programmes are second-nature to me and the camera, not quite.

Most of the photographs turned out better than I expected! (except the overexposed ones that came from testing out the sport mode.) Photographing my babygirl has definitely made it to my list of hobbies! Enough talking, so here are the pictures as promised! Enjoy!

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