By Esther Rachel Lai. - 9/23/2014

So I passed my 22nd birthday last month & like how I expect the rest of my birthdays to come, it probably isn't going to be anything big. Just a simple day out with the two love of my life. It ended up to be exhausting for Shane & I because Kylie was such a handful to deal with in a crowded area like Orchard. By the time we got home, we zonked out. It was THAT tiring, I don't know where Kylie gets all that energy from! So good to be a kid.

So first stop, we had lunch at our favourite Teppanyaki place! For those living in the east, this affordable Teppanyaki joint serves up extremely mouth-watering, scrumptious food! They've been in Tampines Mall for as long as I can remember, when I was a kid, my parents brought me here to eat & I fell in love with it! They were closed for a period of time last year for some renovation works & we were so bummed! But once it reopened, we visited the place really frequently to get our Teppanyaki fix!
In case you don't know where it is, here's the address!
Teppanyaki Express
#B1-K22, Tampines Mall, 4 Tampines Central 5      

The fun part about eating Teppanyaki is you get to see them cook & serve piping hot meals right in front of you!                        

I know it doesn't look very appealing here but it is TO DIE FOR. You'd always expect a crowd during weekends/dinner time! The sauce is the best ever. & add that with chilli padi, it's just an explosion of tasty goodness in your mouth!

Next up, we got ice cream from the Gelato shop just a few steps away from Teppanyaki Express because the little tot wanted some. They had a buy 1 get 1 free promotion, which meant we had 2 cups of single scoop ice cream for only about $5! Where do you find such a good deal these days?

Scooted off to Orchard to just walk around. I don't know...I've ran out of things to do in Singapore. The newly opened Trick Eye Museum doesn't appeal to me very much either.

& yes, those two shots above were taken by the little one.

Again, shot by Kylie. Passersby were really amused to see a tot handling a bulky dslr!

This rascal is superrrrr mischievous. So tiring to bring her to town. She kept running around & she's as stubborn as a mule!

Children are a busker's number one audience.

So the main reason why we headed to Orchard was because I wanted to have a nice dinner at Marché.

Marché @ 313 Somerset
Level 1, Discovery Walk. 313 Orchard Road. 

They also have another outlet at Vivo City as well!

I love Marché's rustic market ambience. Things are kinda pricey there but I absolutely love going back to Marché again and again because it's such a nice & cosy place to dine in! It's like entering a whole different world.

One of the must-haves when we go to Marché, Rösti!! I recently tried a place that sells even better & cheaper Rösti! Best part, it's just a stone's throw away from my work place! A quaint little café, maybe I'll visit the café some time again & blog about it!

Rösti topped with cheddar cheese! YUMZ!!

Tired from running all over the place, we rented a stroller so she could have her milk & nap. & yes, mommies, you can actually rent strollers from most shopping malls! Just approach the customer service counter, most of them rent strollers for free! All you have to do is fill up some simple forms & leave you identification document with them until you return the stroller.

Ahhhh, finally some couple time! It's very hard for us to have a conversation whenever Kylie's around. That talkative girl always wants to be a part of our conversations!

Garlic bread that was really mediocre & an extremely thick & creamy bowl of mushroom soup. The thick texture of the soup was a bit too much to stomach.

Shane & I weren't really hungry so we shared a grilled pork cutlet which was DEEEEEELICIOUS!!! The herb marinade really complimented the pork & the chargrilled, slightly burnt taste of the meat just did the trick. Perfect.

My favourite part of dining at Marché is their sweet crepes!

Topped with Mövenpick's ice cream, it's a taste of heaven!

Love their dessert area, no lack of choices to choose from & they all look so good! From cheesecakes, to bread pudding, to chocolate fondue, you name it! Marché's not a buffet restaurant though! You're given cards that they charge your individual meals to & you present your card for payment at the end of your meals. Makes a great place for friends who wanna go on dutch cause then you don't have to bother about calculating & splitting the bill! Everyone gets their own card!

Just OOZING with chocolate! This looks so sinful, it makes me wanna go back & have some right now!

So that's turning twenty-two for me! Was so full, you can see my tummy bulging in this picture! haha! (& no, I'm not pregnant again!)

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