Lots Gourmet

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 9/30/2014

Had a mid-week meet up with the girls a couple of weeks ago & we had brunch at Lots Gourmet. Shane & my good friend, John, once brought us here and the food exceeded my expectations! Not to mention, it was really affordable too! So I decided to take the girls there for a good catch up session over the tantalising dishes at Lots!

The thing I love about Lots is that it's tucked away from your normal suburban areas & it's not particularly well-known like most overrated cafés these days. I'd advise staying away from the lunch time crowd though. We went a tad early and by the time we were done with our food, the café was filled with working adults dressed in office attire. It's not a very big café so it doesn't take much to fill up the seats at this humble eatery.

No fancy menus, keeping it real with just pure good food.

Don't you adore cafés that bring you back in time with the vintage touches in their decor? I know I do.

Latté for me, iced chocolate (which was divine) for Liying & a simple iced tea for Angel.

Chicken skin for appetiser. This really whet our appetites! The tangy taste of lime drizzled on the crispy, slightly salted battered chicken skin were MADE for each other. I didn't quite like the dip that they served though. Having it plain with a hint of lime was good enough for me! Too good! Not to mention, sinful as well.

This was food for 3. & yes, we totally over ordered, thanks to my 2 friends who overestimated the size of their bellies.

I had a hearty bowl of beef stew with rice. I love a good bowl of beef stew, but these days, it's such a rare find! I knew I had to have the stew when I spotted it on the menu & boy, was I glad I picked the right dish! Their beef stew really didn't disappoint at all! Beefy enough, slightly tangy, & aromatically infused with the various herbs, this was perfection in a bowl. I know it doesn't look like much but do not judge a book by it's cover, this beef stew really brought a homely taste along with it! 5 stars, two thumbs up & a happy tummy! I'll definitely go back for more!

Pesto Prawn Aglio Oglio that we shared between the 3 of us. This was not bad but I had much better Aglio Oglio. I don't know, maybe we were too full from our individual mains so we couldn't really stomach this.

Liying's american breakfast looking absolutely delish!

& Angel's plain pancakes which are probably one of the best pancakes I've ever tasted! Fluffy & moist, just the right texture. This was SO GOOD. They also have banana & blueberry pancakes, I'd say they're definitely worth a try!

They serve up pretty scrumptious wraps as well! & a good variety of eggs benny but those are only available on weekends. Certainly one of the best places for a good yet affordable brunch!

So that's our Wednesday brunch at:

Lots Gourmet
Changi Garden, 965A Upper Changi Road North 

P.S. I know most of you guys can't wait to see the photos from the outdoor shoot I did for Kylie, & I promise they'll be up real soon! So stay tuned!

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